My life is changing so fast (and it's damn scary).

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I wonder why I didn't publish for over a month and I still don't find any good reasons.

Probably it was the overall crypto craze that drives me to exactly that point in time and space. Could easily be.

I 'suffered' a lot of emotionally mixed emotions in a very short amount of time, and as the title says, the recipe is ready for life-changing events (it's already happening).

Overall positive, also confusing, and (rarely but happens from time to time) scary.

Let me go into details.

In case you wonder; yes, I made it.

Probably you don't even know what I'm talking about.

Remember my masterplan which I published at the beginning of the year?

Although I won't reveal my exact positions I want to say that ''I've made it''.

My total net worth grew in a few months from the low ~100K's up to the 7 figures mark.

So yes, I'm a millionaire thanks to crypto.

Ironically now that I've achieved this financial status I'm not in a need or hurry to cash out into fiat.

Who on earth would cashout the most scarce asset into that ineffective & zombie currency which we call 'fiat'. I like shitcoins overall, but damn. The '€' it's the biggest shitcoin of them all.

This old meme applies (because basically, it's true). I am experiencing it firsthand. Incredible times.


However, as much as I despise fiat. It's still required in the current system, and not everyone in my environment is as experienced in crypto-shitcoinery as I'm. A safety net was needed. So I provided and pulled the trigger.


That's it. 100K€ worth of euro being withdrawn to my bank account.

I'm secretly waiting for a call from my bank manager trying to sell me a shitty investment fund or something.

I'll probably laugh at him and say something like:

''1% a year!?!? This is what I'm making daily at CubFinance bud''

And then scream: ''WENNNNNN''.

(poor khal btw)


The thing is when I saw that number something has stirred inside me.

I realized that I'm not rich because 'I don't need to work anymore' (or at least for a for a substantial amount of time . I'm rich because NO ONE can buy my time now.

I felt something. A mix of happiness and exhaustion. I didn't know that I could be so tough (emotionally speaking). I also can't believe how life can change in such a short timespan.

At the bottom of the bear market, I had less than 10K$ (and sweated a lot to get it).

And with yesterday's dip, for example, my portfolio went down like 150K$, and I still slept well at night.

I'll be laughing at anyone who calls us 'lucky'.

Closing Thoughts

I wanted to write a post to get rid of the dust and as always I'm probably overextending and somewhat raving.

I don't have a f*cking clue about the future. Not even in the short term. (Well, I'm going to keep riding the bull wave until the top, thats' for sure).

I just want to say 'thank you' to all the people around the HIVE & Leofinance because this platform has been an incredible opportunity for many of us (and I'm not an exception) and it was feeling strange to stay silent for that big amount of time.

I'll try to recover again the posting schedule of 1-2 weekly posts. It helps a lot to keep the mind organized and follow/remember rigorously trading setups (because I can lie to myself, but not to an immutable content chain).

I didn't pronounce myself about CUB. I'll just say that I'm bullish.


These CUB are 100% farm profits. And I'm going to keep stacking. CUB at 15-30$ is programmed.

WEN...? Soon™

(Ok, enough shilling for today).

Have a nice one!

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I am very happy for you. :) And curious to know how things go for you with these life changes.

I like this idea of rich. For me maybe it is the ability to do what I want with my time, and to pursue the endeavors I wish (where money and time is no longer such an obstacle).

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In the end, everyone has a different objective.

Food for thought I guess (a lot).

Thx for your words :)

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I'm glad you finally made it bro.
We will be here riding new adventures, and I am happy I've met you when nobody was giving a shit about any of our investments. We keep believing in them when nobody was, and that feeling can't be bought.

Congrats my friend.

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Thanks, resi :)

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I'm rich because NO ONE can buy my time now.

I like that. It summarize a post of mine of today in just a short sentence.

I am also happy for you because I know you deserve it. I honestly wouldn't deserve that much money. I don't put that much effort in research.

You on the other hand played this game perfect and we're not even at peak.

Don't regret your fiat withdrawal. As long as we still need cash around I don't see any problem in taking some profits off the table and turning them to cash.

Buy yourself something nice. You deserve it.

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Thank you, Adrian :)

no such thing as 'I don't deserve that'. In a lot of cases, money is an indicator of nothing. I have a lot of acquaintances who are real douchebags.

Damn, fuckin research. And I still feel that 'I can't keep it up'. Let's see how the following months evolve.

And I don't regret it. Frankly ('might') I was in need of it. Not sleeping well lately. Hopefully, this improves over time.

And thanks, I'll celebrate somewhat.

thank you again my friend :)

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Celebrate it with style. What you've accomplished is quite heavy.

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Thanks Neal :)

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Ole, ole i ole!!!
Felicitats company!

Gràcies Edu :)

El viatge està sent intens!

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Congratulations. Your hard work has paid off. HIVE and LEO Finance has been a life changer for many in a very positive way, me included.

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That is so awesome! My Cub Den is the same thing, 100% farming profits. And that freedom of not having to sell your time, it is awesome. I left the 9 to 5 world a few years back, crypto wasn't the catalyst then but it sure is making it easier. Congrats!

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I have high hopes for crypto to keep me away from 9 to 5 for the rest of my life :)

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Didn't know that Mitch! (I wrote your name correctly sir?) great to see that many of the core leofinance members are enjoying the prize for the patience on the hard times in the past.

Thank you!

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That is indeed my name! Yeah, I'm still a ways to go before crypto has me set, but it is looking better each day.

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Dang, that is really awesome. Congrats on that. I know it took a lot of hard work and smart thinking to get you to that point. Plus a couple of diamond hands I am sure. I hope to be at that point some day. I don't think you need to feel bad about that cash out to fiat. While we all hope that won't be the case one day, it is the current reality. I would do the same thing in your position. If I went to my mortgage company and said I wanted to pay off my house in crypto they would probably laugh. Being able to just give them the cash is the world we live in right now.

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I love you.

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So gay

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Reading you makes my brain explode. Knowing that you did it in such a short time makes me wonder how your 2021 will end. But above all, it makes me happy to know that you made it. That should inspire the rest of us to continue on this path of empowerment. Congratulations and much more success, my friend.

Leerte me explota el cerebro. Saber que lo hiciste en tan poco tiempo me hace preguntar como terminara tu 2021. Pero sobre todo, me hace feliz saber que lo has logrado. Eso nos debe inspirar a los demas a seguir en este camino de empoderamiento. Felicines y chos Exitos amigo.

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Well done mate, that is a monumental effort.

I'll be laughing at anyone who calls us 'lucky'.

This is something that says a lot.

I do count myself lucky - because I was presented an opportunity and I had the balls to take it and stick through it. It hasn't been easy to hold the half decent stack I have, while the IRL is crushing, but here I am.

Funny, isn't?

I am not ready to go into the biggest shitcoin yet - but I have the feeling that I won't have to worry about my ability to be groceries again for a while, if it comes down to it.

Does it feel good to have that transfer made?

Thanks tarakp :)

What I mean with 'luck' is that absolutely everyone gets presented with opportunities from time to time.

I for example, knew about bitcoin in 2015 for the first time. Other one in 2013 and other 2017.

Knowing about it 'early' it's an opportunity itself and there's luck involved here.

the strength and the hard work comes after (when you buy it for the first/second/third time). You'll sell at the next dip or not?

This is when the hard work comes in (in the form of research, savings to buy the dip, mental toughness... etc) Hope you get my point :)

For example, I got lucky to know about steem in late 2017 and bought some at +1$. Thought 'the ones who bought at 0,1$ got lucky'. Moving forward to the 2018-2020 bear. Hive at 0,1$. Do you boufght?

Most people didn't. We're lucky? Not. We are seasoned in a thousand battles. That's what we are.

Have a great day Tarazkp, you consistency when posting is a great motivation for me.

And yes, feeling that transfer is somewhat strange (didn't hit the bank yet, hopefully on Tuesday or so). Never had more than 3K€ at the bank together. Will be funny :)

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Knowing about it 'early' it's an opportunity itself and there's luck involved here.

One of the things I say often enough is, "knowing isn't doing".

Back in 2011 I tried to buy Bitcoin with a few hundred € I had. Spent ten minutes trying to work it out, went and got drunk instead. Money was very tight then - I did myself no favours, but I obviously wasn't ready.

This is when the hard work comes in (in the form of research, savings to buy the dip, mental toughness... etc) Hope you get my point :)

Yeah, I completely understand.

For example, I got lucky to know about steem in late 2017 and bought some at +1$. Thought 'the ones who bought at 0,1$ got lucky'. Moving forward to the 2018-2020 bear. Hive at 0,1$. Do you boufght?

My first fiat to crypto was steem at 1.80 - watched it go to 8, held it down all the way too. :) Yes, I bought a bit.

And yes, feeling that transfer is somewhat strange

I can imagine. Do you have something in mind for it?

One of the things I say often enough is, "knowing isn't doing".

Back in 2011 I tried to buy Bitcoin with a few hundred € I had. Spent ten minutes trying to work it out, went and got drunk instead. Money was very tight then - I did myself no favours, but I obviously wasn't ready.

happens though. Also happened to me.

I can imagine. Do you have something in mind for it?

Not really. Going to let it here quiet for a while. I'll be buying a MacBook or a car, dunno still :)

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The car might be cheaper than the Mac ;D

This is when the hard work comes in (in the form of research, savings to buy the dip, mental toughness... etc) Hope you get my point :)

Exactly this. If you counted all the hours spent researching and thinking, you'd get an impressive figure.

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Glad you've made it bud. And wise move to pull off some of the table...Crazy shit happen to crypto world in a blink of an eye...although this is "programmed" to be a great year for all crypto investors/lovers.

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Thanks mind.

What happened with your business in that Covid pandemic has been a great shit and I feel really sorry for you. At least you keep a significant stake in LEO.

Waiting with big expectations the rest of the year :)

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Not so significant anymore bud. 2020 was a disaster...but it is what it is...

This is your day mate. You made it to the 1st mill. I wish you to multiply it exponentially ;)

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Hope that Leofiance keeps dragging all of us to the upside.
believe me, these kind of runs go much further than expected.

I talked about a 5-10$ LEO coz I see it as realistic? Then prepare for some kind of absurdity like 20-40$ LEO.

Plenty of opportunity still

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do you have a discord server?

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Nope (at least 4 now)...

but you can find me chillin from time to time on the leofinance server.

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Congratulations! I've been posting less too because of the crazy amount of things happening. I'm making insane gains and if this continues, I'll reach my goal pretty soon too!

Crypto is truly life-changing!

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You know all the good things I think about you, I told you already haha ;)
But once again congratulations for reaching your 2021 goals in... March haha.
And it's not because the bar was too low (come on 1M man) but just because you nailed it !
Great motivation to see you achieving crazy goals like this.
Enjoy mate ;)

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I don't deserve such a treatment hahaha; you're going to make me blush!

And was kinda unexpected, I honestly was waiting for (at least) a few months more of hustling! But yeah, reaching the 1M mark (now slightly lower due to the withdrawals and all that stuff) it's something very crazy.

Thanks for your words :)

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Congratulations. I am nowhere close to it but its nice to know about the success stories. I hope to one day become a success story like you so I continue to fill up my bags to see where I will be in a few years.

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Congratulations! I'm so glad you were able to reach your goal! Sometimes it seems like a simple thing, many people think it's as easy as playing the lottery, you scratch your card to see if the day has come. And they have no idea of our hours of study, dedication to reading and participation.

At last or from now on it's time to take your rewards.

Gràcies per ensenyar a empoderar-nos. ;)

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I almost felt the hair stand up on my arms while reading this (like you probably felt when you withdraw that amount of money). For me that huge sum is a house, which I want to build one day and I think I'll have to work at least 10 years to get it. Or maybe Hive and Leo will give me a hand, who knows :) ?
Oh and congratulations is an understatement in you case :D

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''Live reaction of empoderat when realizing such amounts:


'Omg what I just did'

When you put the hard work it comes, sooner or later but it comes. My objective hasn't never been a house. More of a kind of lifestyle. True freedom. Dunno.

Being an anonymous millionaire.

Someone told me a few years ago: ''Work smarter not harder''. Don't fe afraid to try different things vs the sheep pleb.

Thanks for your words bud :)

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Maybe you'll share your strategy one day so us plebs can give it a shot next bull run :P

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Buy high sell low counts as a strategy?

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I think you did it the other way around :P

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Congratulations!!! reaching your goal.
Stories like your are the engine that motivates newbies (as me) to continue working to achieve our dreams.

"I'm rich because NO ONE can buy my time now".

By far my favorite phrase, many of us want to achieve financial freedom without even knowing what it means, once I read that sentence I knew what I want to achieve, I know the road will not be easy but I hope someday I'll find myself in the place you are now.

And be able to say "I'm rich because NO ONE can buy my time now"

Thank you very much for making this post and for showing me that I am not chasing an impossible dream.


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Damn! This is so great to hear you've finally made it to the millionaire club :)
I'm being told by so many people to cash out some of my gains and not live like some hobo. But it's a real pain to get that crypto to fiat and pay so much of those Tx fees. I really want to see a day where I can straight up pay with my crypto without getting involved with these bankers.

It looks like you've made it to the other side. HODL strong and let's see if you can make it to 8 figures this bull market. Have a great day!

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8 Figures lol.

One can only dream.

Same for you, dzero. Best of successes :)

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One can only dream.

You've already 10X. You can do it again! I don't think we're even in the middle of this bull market :)

Best of successes :)

Thank you for the well wishes!

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Problem is, as your net worth grows, you have to apply more 'preservation tactics' in your management.

Not the same to turn 10 into 100 (you can gamble it in a casino) vs 1000 to 10.000 (still, but much improbable).

Really happy for you man.

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thx bud :)

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Congratulations to you @empoderat. Gaining control over your time is likely to prove itself out to you as the greatest benefit of all. Time is the one "fixed constant" that is immutably the same for us all - 24 / 7 / 365. And there are no "do overs!" Only the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and do better ...

Cub Finance is a powerful "economic engine." Given the track record of Khal and his team, I believe it is only truly just getting started. It has already provided me and my beloved a very significant "change your life" opportunity. I am looking forward to more to come in the future.

All the best to you and yours in making wise decisions about how you will now invest the most valuable asset you will ever have - your time! And may you choose wisely in how elect to protect your health, so that you may enjoy it. 🦁🚀

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How not to feel identified with this publication? When I read your story I immediately thought of my own, of all that I suffered and struggled for so many years when I did not know about cryptocurrencies, much less about Hive and LEO. When I discovered this social network my life immediately took a 180º turn, in just three months since I joined my income multiplied, to the point that now I can achieve my dream of becoming an entrepreneur, being the boss of my effort and time is something priceless and thanks to this great community I can finally feel what it feels like. I feel so excited, for you, for me and for all the members of Hive and Leofinance that reach their goals because we believe in this project and we see that it rewards us.

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You are living my dream and I can understand exactly what you are talking about.

I quit my job 2 years ago and making a living thanks to crypto! I am way far from a 7 figure net worth but I'm slowly and steadily building it while no one buys my time as you correctly mentioned!

Thanks for the HUGE motivation to "push" more @empoderat

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Owning your time it's a first and very big step.

Congratz :) and thanks

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It is always cool to follow stories like yours @empoderat and I think that not only for me, but for many it becomes something inspiring. Congratulations on your achievements and decisions.

Encryption will further transform our lives and will increasingly be positively impacting our day-to-day choices. Make the most of your money and have a lot of fun with your new experiences.

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Congrats on this incredible feat, just yesterday I was talking with other two friends and we agreed towards that insane $1M goal and work towards it even if it takes us 10 years from now!!

$1M is really insane money if converted into our fiat here


Amazing to see what you have achieved! Crypto definitely is a great place not only to earn money, but to interact with others.

I hope you recover and continue your crypto career!

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Nice to hear that. Good for you. I only went from 5 to 6 figures, but I am on my way too. We will go there, most of us, people from Hive, eventually.

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'only' lol

Hive is a great long term hold. No doubt.

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i know, we tend to forget the good times, when we get used with too much good. to be honest, sometimes i was feeling stressed with crypto value growing so much, so fast. i was not believing that this is happening to me. still seems somehow surreal. but you are right, behind this luck is like 4-5 years of research and learning. i started in 2015 with 500$.

Wow. Kudos to you mate. That's huge

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I was wondering why you are quiet, but you spent the time very well, not wasted it.

Congrats, it's a huge milestone!

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Thank you! And yes, not stopping lately ^^

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Awesome stuff!
Congratulations you !
Since your presupposed targets are already met , how much farther ??
Keep riding the bull buddy !
Cheers !

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Next stop should be 2,5M then I'll cashout another 10% or so.


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Great post @empoderat, so happy you are setting and achieving your goals. Keeps focused and keep going. I look forward to following your story and listening to your achievements and accomplishments into the future.

You are also totally correct about how great and supportive this community is.

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Well done.
I would probably diversify into safe stocks like REITS and ETFs, if you havent yet.
But I agree , actual FIAT would be silly.

Forget afout ETF's. Bitcoin is a better asset.

I just want the fiat 'just in case'. And I'm counting this money off from investment purposes.

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Congratulations and this post is a demonstration of what blockchain and crypto can offer to those who believe in decentralization.

I hope one day to write a post like yours.
By the way you are right, the most important thing is to become time rich and this status is priceless.

I toast to your goal achieved with a !BEER :)

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Keep pursuing that objective. But don't get blind by it. Life is much more than 1M.

Personally, I sometimes feel that I'm not living with 'enough' intensity (fck me lol)

Thx for your words :)

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sheeesh, that escalated quickly.

Congrats to those numbers from a little fish ;-) See you on the Moon.

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Great things start being little.

Keep it up man :)

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Great post, you got a new follower.
Btw whats WEN ? At first I thougt it was a spelling mistake of Khazi, now I feel its a private joke I don't understand.

It's a spelling mistake... and also a private joke :)

It's basically the Lions den asking for more updates

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Dang you are crushing it! Fully agree you do have to pull some out into Fiat if that's your only income source as nearly 99% of the places that I work with at least still only take Fiat and no crypto. At some point that will change but honest I like you enjoy holding on to my crypto as I see we are just starting to scrape the surface of it all.

In life it takes courage to make the right choices that lead you to success. Hope you will get your crypto success soon ;)

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Damn! Congratz! So happy for you :D

I have the same goal and I will make someday :D

Man thanks to you I just joined Leofinance and I will investigate Hive. Let's see. Salut ;)

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QUalsevol dubte pregunta! Un petit regalet.

En 7 dies rebrás LEO com reward.

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Congrats! Well done on this huge milestone!

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I'm rich because no one can buy my time

That is my definition of "making it". This is so great to read and awesome to hear your success, damn inspiring! I think a few more might be in the same boat this year hopefully if they play it right too. Congratulations

Such an inspiring read and I'm so happy for you. I don't know if I could handle the pressure on the way up. But, I've dreamed of what you actually got to experience.

I'm a small bag holder in hive/leo so I doubt I will get to your type of position but I wonder can it be done in hive/leo with no more investment. Just working hard and earning. Do you have a curation method here or did you advance your positions with savey buying? I'd love to learn. I mainly want to curate to make new authors happy and encourage them to stick around. To me that will insure hive/leo value into the future.

Congrats and thanks so much for writing about this.

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Curation in LEO doesn't matter anymore. I usually spend most of my upvote power engaging in comments. When I'm afk for a few days it's being slowly deployed following votes of other curators/whales.

Look at this post for example. As I'm celebrating a huge milestone I'm sharing a lot of love (and destroying my LP in the process.)


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Good point. I give 100% votes to my commentors using the vote multiplier tool so it doesn't drain my hive and I can do it on other tribes as well. Then if I have any left, it's curation.

Unfortunately for the other person my votes isn't worth much only about .3 but it's growing!

Really happy for you, its great to have a crypto millionaire cheering everyone else on. Its very meaningful and inspiring.

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It's so good seeing those in the community riding the wave and taking things to the next level.

Like you said, cash outs are a part of the journey in order to keep living within a society that is still heavily fiat dominated.

But what crypto and especially sites like LeoFinance and Cub Finance have done, is given you an alternate income stream.

This is the key!

Congrats and looking forward to seeing your journey continue because this is only just the beginning!


It helps a lot to keep the mind organized and follow/remember rigorously trading setups (because I can lie to myself, but not to an immutable content chain).

Haha as a trader myself, I loved this line.

I know all about those battles within our own minds and the importance of keeping an immutable journal.

If you can't justify a setup in writing to the community, then you shouldn't take it!

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Exactly my mind.

Thanks, bud

Hi @empoderat

Wow! I just wrote a post called My Independence Day in which I announce my plan to free myself from my present yoke and take control of my time via my Crypto Investments...

And then you publish this post. Wow! A timely shot of encouragement cause I just jumped of the safe and narrow!

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Sincere Congrats, man. I think we share nationality, as I recognize your nick in my mother language ;-)

Only two comments:

  • Be careful of taxman. Those withdraws make all rings sound.
  • What I would do: Put some BNB in Binance Card wallet. Use the Binance card for everyday spending, while stacking BNB cashback ^_^

Other than that:
Always wise to cash out a 10% in peaks. Or reinvest in some long-term, boring stuff. I would shill Anchor Protocol savings, Mirror Finance synthetic stocks (BABA and FB stupidly cheap right now), some boring AAVE farms, some Decentraland/Sandbox/Splinterlands LAND, things like that.

That's it. Enjoy the time, enjoy the freedom. That was the ultimate goal for everyone. Some just need 1 million, some needs 10, some don't need even 50K. Love, Laugh, Learn and Keep on!

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Congrats mate ! You deserve it as you always worked hard and picked good investments without taking much hits (I remember AVA / RUNE / LEO very soon...).

You always had a great market timing (I remember you buying a bunch of Hive 3-4 weeks ago 🙌).

Cheers and enjoy, taxman is the one you want to avoid maybe 😆

Nah, we're friends the taxman and I. I'll keep things easy and pay religiously. Better to avoid problems long term.

thanks magic lemon!

I don't buy 'ideas' btw, I 'just' buy strength and sell weakness.

Have a great day!

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Thanks for keeping the light on for us
so we can see the way.
I realize one thing, you get out what you put in.
Simple as that enjoy your hard decision to pursue
this objective and enjoy your time.


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Congrats man!!!!
Well deserved .... you have been hard at work with crypto.

You know how they say, the first is the hardest :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yep, I heard that expression before at 10K... 100K... Let's see how it goes!

Thanks dalz!

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I’m so happy for you bro.

Work is different when you no longer need the money.

Congratulations on achieving time Freedom.

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Thanks for your hustling Nathan. Hope to meet you in real life soon :)

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I feel it's gonna happen sooner than we think bro!

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Wow! You are a great example, and I'm so happy for you! I liked your quote, "No one can buy your time".

Congratulations, brother, you are the best!

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Por alguna razón siempre olvido tu nombre Eddie.

Cuál es realmente (damn, lo siento!)

Muchas gracias por el apoyo!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Me llamo Eduardo, pero me dicen Eddie, es un diminutivo. En México el diminutivo realmente sería Lalo, pero mi mamá tenía un compañero en la primaria que así le decían y le caía mal, así que siempre me han dicho Eddie.

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Ya tengo un Eddie! Pero ahora que lo dices si recuerdo haber leído el Lalo por alguna parte.

Bien está saberlo ^^

Eddie pues.

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Congratulations, I wouldn't be selling my crypto for fiat either. The promise of the Apr wouldn't even mean anything should your bank manager call. Imagine having the right prices for all your investments, you're straight into seven figures.

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man congrats!! we have a millionaire among us! You are a bright example of what one can succeed with cryptos and i believe you are also a role model now, so bear that responsibility :P I am honestly extremely happy for you right now and i think everyone who reads this will get motivated!

The only question i have, is about the taxes that will now occur with those 100k in bank. Have you thought, checked about that? I also don't know what's the regulation and laws in your country. For example, in Greece if i would cash out even 5k, the bank would ask where are that money coming from?

Finally, we are waiting for all your shillings on those amazing coins that you discover in order for us to become millionaires as well :P

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Thank you bud!

Regarding taxes, it varies a lot depending where you are.

In my case (Spain), I have to pay ~21% of all the profits (it's a bit more complex than that coz we have tiers). And with 'profits' I mean also money in crypto changing from shitcoin A to B (a bit abusive though).

In addition if you have over 50K$ outside of the country you have to declare it (give that information). I feel a bit sorry for my accountant, because I give him more than 1 headache lol.

Regarding those magical coins. Don't overcomplicate.

I own 5-10 coins at max (AVA, HIVE, LEO, CUB, ORN, BTC & ETH) and stop counting.

I only trade with 5-10% of my net worth.

The other 95% is just rebalancing (profits from A to B, or cutting losses from D to C...) But I stay among these coins mostly.

Thank you :)

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