Why I don't Hold Liquid LEO in my Wallet

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I would like to be very straight to the point in this post as i wouldn't want to waste much time making my point clear to people.

Not until yesterday, i never knew the importance of staking my tokens. Listening to my boss last night gave me a totally new perspective into life. Well many times i have made mention of by boss in many of my post here and that is because, 95% of the success i have in life, he pioneered it and such people are not people to be easily forgotten.


Values are determined overtime. Currently, the price of LEO is greatly dipping and this is because there is so much trigger in the market. In my last post yesterday, i made public the so much hope i have placed on LEO and why i am busy powering up my account.

In business, the amount you save is far and away the most important factor as you start investing and nothing else comes close. If two people set out to pursue a particular goal at the same time, what determines the level of their outcome is the effort each person adds into what he is pursuing and the same principle plays out in investment. That is to say that whatever worth you put in is what determines how much value you would collect later. Currently in the office where i work, I've been surnamed "Staker" because every time I have the opportunity to converse with them, I will always ask them how much worth of their tokens have they staked and I don't do that because I want to proof to them that I have much stake than them truthfully i don't have anything as far as my blockchain engagement is concerned.

It is well understood that life places us in a condition where we continuously live our life with needs but then if we keep answering to every little suggestion of life, we might likely not have what to show for our existence on earth and so it is necessary that sometimes we ignore the biddings of life when they are not very important.


The greatest frustration of life is when you realize later on in future that you had awesome opportunities you would have made a pleasurable future for yourself but you bashed it on frivolities.

I woke up this morning and i realized i had a long distance visitation to a fellowship meeting but then i had limited fund on me off course in situations like that, i would have immediately done some trading to get a little cash but instead i decided to use the little i had on me just to stake what i had on my wallet.

There is a commonly known term amongst investors and entrepreneurs and that is management. Among the many principles that guarantee's success in business, one of the most important for a growing business is management. Any investor that does not understand management is not a sustainable wealth creator. Management is not a proof of stinginess. It is actually a miss appropriation of understand when people come seeking for help from one who is trying to grow his business and gets nothing and they start saying he is stingy.

Management helps a beginning investor make Optimum Utilization of Resources(OUR). Management helps an investor utilizes all the physical & human resources productively. Lately, i began engaging the act of recycling because of the financial future am looking at, recycling in the sense that i don't have to waste what is available already because i could be in want of it tomorrow. So instead of trashing some things, i turn it into a desired product just to secure extra funds for myself.

Further more, management helps a beginning investor reduces costs on every of his endeavour. Management makes use of both physical, human and financial resources in such a manner which results in best combination. This helps in cost reduction and this is one of the best skill a beginnig investor should possess.

And i also want to use this post as a medium to thank everyone that supported my last post of yesterday to what it has become by this evening. I want to say i am really grateful for all the benevolence you people have shown to me. I promise to make your visit to my blog quite infotaining. Thank you once again. Am grateful.


I wish you all long life and prosperity to impact your world more.

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Good strategy. That is how I began my LEO staking journey and I do not regret doing it then. "I wish" is the most painful words we would utter when it comes to investment. Keep pushing your stakes, it is the best way to be futuristic about your investments. Goodluck!

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I am very determined on this and nothing will ever stop me from pushing my stakes. Thank you very much for the encouragement sir.

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