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RE: Nigerian artists are taking the NFT frenzy in their stride

in LeoFinance4 months ago

As it is, anyone in my country, Nigeria with all our devalued currency, and the bad government will definitely quit his job if NFT rewards him better

And this will not be because they don't believe in hard work, but because they believe that hard work is supposed to pay them. And not in pennies, but with an equal measure to how hard they had worked

For artist here, this is what NFT will be giving them.....a chance to get 100% fold of all of their hard work

but the problem will definitely be how to handle the tech and navigate through the platforms that offer the avenue for them to earn through their artwork

Even so, I know my country, we have the tendency to move through all hurdles and find a solution around anything that is stopping us from acquiring wealth, a massive wealth at that

therefore, we will find a way whether our government is in support or not.

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