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RE: Who Is Next?

in LeoFinance3 months ago

I m so stupid, when I first saw all the tokens in my engine, I thought the price on the right was by unit, instead of the total value. I thought I was rich haha 😃

For now I am keeping them all. I sent you a question on Discord today about a music token and its utility, we can also continue the conversation here as it concerns us all ^^

Thanks for the pimping brother!


There isn't one, but I can definitely see the value in one being present. One Tribe is starting to help music make a comeback and the only thing right now that musicians really have is creativecoin. I believe MSP has a music curation trail that supports the music makers run by @isaria (I think).

Yep i love what @isaria does, creativecoin indeed thanks for the clarification ^^

Anytime bro.