Trading POB for DBALL?

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The above diagram shows how I turned POB tokens into DBALL.

I do not recommend anyone do this. Someone kept changing the sell order price on LEO when I was exchanging so I had to cancel and replace my buy order twice. Also, DBALL is super sketchy and is not related to LeoFinance at all. I have entertained the idea of a CUB-DBALL pool, but thats a pie.

DBALL price chart from DexGuru

24 hours after Staking 1.5 DBALL

I harvested $0.16 worth for a BNB fee of $0.33 worth of BNB. Mad gains! I decided I should increase my DBALL stake at the very least. If nothing else this is a great chance to compare differences between two DeFi projects, CUB and DBALL. We have it SO good on !! DBALL has a ton of fees.

"All Farms and Pools have 2% Unstaking Fee"

So far there are many advantages that CUB has over this platform, primarily the community. If you read their roadmap one of the selling points is that they are going to build the community. LeoFinance is already an established community, part of the larger Hive community also.

DragonBall Finance's Roadmap is literally a meme.

They do have some DOCs but were hard to find.

We can trust the CubFinance devs more than this!! Look at their Audit disclaimer.

"DISCLAIMER: By reading this report or any part of it, you agree to the terms of this

Many people like DragonBallZ however, so this coin might have a future even if it is short lived. There are other meme DEFIs out there, I saw JigglyFinance and Pokeball Finance too.

I am only looking at DragonBall Finance because of @unorgmilita

When DBALL goes up I will probably exchange
them for more CUBs and some more POB.

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MeSeeks! Haha.. yea I hope the price of DBall goes back up, so I can get up and out of there. Was a
Cool meme for 24hrs.. now it’s down to 50cents lol! After this AMA the price will skyrocket!

When and where is the ask me anything?

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In the terminal discord, at 10am PST. (30minutes)

I have over 2000 messages to catch up on but I The nice thing about telegram is you can read it after.

If I upvote this are you going to be Proof of Lame and sell it?

No I am powering up. I bought up POB cheap the other week so this didn't really cost me anything.