CubDefi and You!

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CUB Chart by GoSwapp

I was enjoying some discussion and as a response I whipped up this graphic, an attempt to turn negativity into positivity, with an Olympic spin. I demand more Cub memes!

Seriously though, the price of Cub might have been a little volatile today. Is that a bad thing? Only if you aren't paying attention I suppose. The cheaper CUB is, the more I can get!

How many Cubs do you have?

There might be an error here, or this chart is already outdated, but;
it appears that 42.5% of CUB are staked in the Den.

11.5% of the supply has been burned so far, and the remainder SEEMS to be 46%.
See above the total CUB Market Cap vs CUB Den liquidity,
and CUB Market Cap compared to Total Value Locked in all pools.

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Very nice form on that backflip. 10/10

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Thank you!

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That backflip move was indeed fast!

I have around 100 Cub, all of them are staked!

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Awesome! I am throwing my cubs in the den now

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