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The Hive blockchain as an immutable text storage offers more options for building then just the social apps. Games have been using the json option to store text data in the last years. Splinterlands has been a leader here, but in the last year we have seen more games come to live.

Let’s take a look at the number of active accounts by games and in general.


The gaming activity/transactions can vary a lot depending on the specifics of each game. Some games like Splinterlands require a lot of activity. Others like dCity don’t require activities and are quite idle. Analyzing the activities only by number of transactions might not show the real picture.

Because of this we will try to look in the number of daily active players, not just transactions. The number of monthly active players will be presented as well.

The period that we will be looking at here is June, 2020 to May, 2021.

Games are using the custom json transactions. Here we will dig into them and allocate the individual gaming transactions and accounts making them.


The chart for Splinterlands active players looks like this.


Splinterlands has reached almost 7k active players. The numbers have been steadily increasing in the last year, with more uptrend in the last months. Going from 5k to 7k daily active players in a year.

Crypto Brew Master

The chart for Crypto Brew Master looks like this:


Crypto Brew Master started in mid July 2020. There has been some volatility in the beginning with numbers going up to 1500 DAU, then a drop to around 800. In the last period the numbers have been almost steady with a small increase from 600 to 700 active daily players.


The chart for dCity looks like this.


dCity is a bit special in terms of active players. The only activity dCity players do is buying/selling cards. To get the numbers for active players I have been looking in the players buying from the house and players buying on the market.

The numbers have grown in the end od 2020 reaching a 300 accounts per day, and then a drop in afterwards. The 3rd edition was expected since the late of the year, but then it got postponed and the numbers have gone down. Will see how things go from here.

The numbers for active players in dCity might be more accurate if we look at the monthly active users, since not all the players are making daily transactions. The numbers for this will be presented bellow.


Another game that recently launched on the Hive blockchain. Here is the chart.


Rabona started its journey in September 2020 and has reached more than 200 active players. The numbers have been steady since then with a small decline.



Holybread has been around for a while. The numbers of active players seem to dropped a bit in the period from to under 100 per day. Some small up trend in the last months.



Exode has a small number of daily active players, under 10. There is a spike in the last days though.

Rising Star

Rising star is another Hive game, but players activity is not recorded on the blockchain so I couldn’t get data for active players. The game has been around for a while so it has few hundreds of players most likely.

All games

When we plot all the above, we get this.


Obviously Splinterlands is leading by a lot. This is expected since they are one of the best games in the crypto gaming industry.

Still if we look a year back all the other games were not around or just few experimenting. We now have a few that are already established and growing.

Monthly Active Players [MAU]

The number of monthly active players is probably a better metric to track active users. Here is the chart for the games above.


Splinterlands comes on the top again with almost 11k active players. Crypto Brew Master is on the second place with just above 1k, followed by dCity with around 700 DAU.

Note: There are more games on the Hive blockchain than the ones presented here. These are just some of the most notable ones.

Overall in the last period the numbers for active players on the Hive games is quite steady with some slow growth for Splinterlands and decline in the other games. The DeFi craze is the hot thing in crypto these days, and even some of the games in the industry are going towards the model of staking items and farming. The Splinterlands expansion with lands is in this direction as well. Dcity is all about hodling cards and farming but it has some challenges before the new edition of cards is released.

All the best!

P.S. Suggestion to add other games in this analysis going forward are welcomed. I know few more games are coming soon to the blockchain.

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Thanks, mate. is worth a mention.
Unsung Hero should be decent, but hasn't dropped yet.
Surprised Rabona hasn't taken off. I'm really enjoying it.

Hey thanks!
I have heard about this two, just wasnt sure is there any activities ... will dig deeper into them in the next one :)

Nice article. A little disappointing on Exode popularity but I just got a planet there. It really makes the future look good for the game. I'm excited to see where it goes.

That is a lot of players! I like how Splinterlands is growing and growing. Another prove that Hive's ecosystem is something.

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"The Hive blockchain as an immutable text storage offers more options for building then just the social apps. Games have been using the json option to store text data in the last years. Splinterlands has been a leader here, but in the last year we have seen more games come to live. "

There are so many wonderful games that are available on the hive blockchain.

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I think all the creators of the other games based on the hive blockchain should learn from splinterland to know how to succeed in what they do.

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I do not see a future for @dcity if they do not change something. paying 105-115% tax on 100% profit means that you go on loss. I am that close to sell all my cards too. I started with some of them.

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This is a great post! I think SPLINTERLANDS is the best game built on blockchain. from your post I see that there are always new users, even if the new rules introduced last year made the game less dynamic.

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I was going to make a comment about the surprisingly low intra-day variability on Splinterlands (eg. not much difference between highest days of the week vs. lowest), but reviewing stats for games on Steam, it seems that for the most popular games, there isn't that much variability over the week, but lots over time of day. I find that quite surprising as I would imagine people have much more free time to play games on the weekend for example.

Yea true. Splinterlands tend to have increase in activity on the last day of the season. Meaning a spike each two weeks.

Splinterlands slow build looking solid!

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It's nice to see Splinterlands is at least in a steady rise, the numbers on Exode are quite brutal still though. I still log in to Rabona from time to time just to make sure my player contracts don't all expire and keep grinding away at Splinterlands since the rewards are so good. It would be nice to see another "big" game with real gameplay at some point though.

The way I look at them, most are blockchain devs using gaming as a way to possibly earn something and players who try to get in early on the ponzi eventually dropping out as rewards grow worse and worse.

I got few more, but i am afraid you will get my rewards, hahaha. I am trying the Farm one, i forgot the link, but is not too attractive.

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What interesting statistical data on the games.
I actually didn't know Holibread, I think I'm going to play it.
Why not include Hashking?

Sure ... what is the link?

Although the game has not been officially released yet, but I wanted to know what its statistics were.