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RE: LEO Roundtable #35 - Is this a 2017 Repeat or Is this Crypto Bull Run Different?

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Yes, this time is certainly different. The fact that there are now very legitimate, very wealthy, very intelligent individuals and entities actively (and publicly) participating in the space brings a ton of credibility and trust to the overall network. While I don't believe that will completely end big dips and bear markets, I do think it will mitigate them to a large degree. Rather than the 70%, 80%, 90% crashes of years past, I think there will be too many large buyers waiting to pounce on those opportunities for the price to go down more than 30-40%. Time will tell, obviously, but it certainly feels different this time.

Now altcoins on the other hand.....they still have the 90% corrections in play. Mostly because when the shit starts hitting the fan there, people will flee to quality: Bitcoin.

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You may be right. It will be most interesting to see how the institutionals will handle the bear market after the big crash in the second half of this year. I agree on the altcoins.

Investing in some oscillator type altcoin with a demonstrated capability to bounce back after a bear market or some hot new one could be the way to utilize this.

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I've thought about that. You wonder if that might not be where a DOGE or a Verge or a SIA coin comes in. Some sort of "dead" coin where a little uptick in price isn't going to cause the bagholders to sell into it and maybe could even cause a little pump. Interesting to think about....

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