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RE: Demystifying HIVE: Utilise your Voting Power

in LeoFinance8 months ago

Its a very good and infomative posts for new people or just for people who did know this :D


I'm sure you know all or most of this already, there seems to be little resources now for newbies. They are hard fucking work doing these, I tell you!

I knew all of it besides the comment one! Didn't know they had a window aswell :D So even people like who have been here for "only" 2 years can still learn :D

I bet it takes a while to write these! Hopefully is can help a lot of newbies!

I am trying to explain some of these things for some folks in different Discord servers to help them out :D

I knew all of it besides the comment one!

Awesome, good to hear it taught you a little!