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The truth is that after the very good start i had in the game i was a bit disappointed, having spend almost 530 Hive (1/5 of my current power) in the game and along with the lack of info (investment/returns and generally game stats) made me thought that it might not worth in the end. Again my Senpai @trumpman saved the day, he posted about a new tool on his Dcity has much better returns than I expected! that is doing exactly what i need to calculate my stats, a salvation info!
To the topic. The things was better than i thought, basically was way better. According to @bala41288's amazing tool i have spent 526.629 Hive and i have got back 278.657, over the half of my initial investment in just four months!! It is great because you can see detailed info about everything you have done in the game!!

@cryptomaniacsgr Total spent

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@cryptomaniacsgr Total received


So in other words, around the end of this year beginning of the next one, i will have back what i have spent, my dcity intact and potential income (if everything continue like it is now)!

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I feel stats have issue because they fail to consider that you are re investing SIM that you have gained from game.
In reality your stats should be like that:

Current value of Account - Total Hive spent -total SIM spent +Total SIM earned.

I think you will see profit now.

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Indeed, but it's clear how much you get as return. I guess some improvements are welcome!

Yes, scope of improvement always exists.


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