Tribe Wallet Value Just Keeps Growing

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Excluding my alt ($3200) plus CubDeFi these figures are just climbing rapidly each day.

Stacking everyday and seeing the Leodex wallet increasing in value is kind of a daily ritual. The small but steady increments are not that noticeable until you pass a certain amount and it stays their like we are seeing with Hive lately.

I think the biggest upswing that has been noticeable is the addition of the @proofofbrain tribe over the last month or so as it has boosted my wallet by nearly $500 that wasn't there a short while ago.

I think in the beginning when the tribes first appeared a majority of users saw it as just extra rewards and never paid much attention. Big mistake as everything has value no matter how small and that small value can turn into something so quickly.

When @trumpman mentioned @proofofbrain right at the beginning I just added it to my tags as you just never know. That never know with no investment is sitting at $443 and climbing daily. This is why you read posts as knowledge is power and picking up bits of information from other community members is how we look out for each other.

The last time I had so much value was when Leo was pumping and am very bullish we will get back to those days again. For me the Leobridge is an important part of making that happen and with it going live very soon we should see the entire Leo eco system have lift off with Cubs, BLeo and Leo all gaining some positive price action.

I was thinking this evening wouldn't it be great if your Leodex earnings overtook your Hive wallet and in my case would need a 3 x event to happen which the Leobridge could achieve. Many people are out hunting for the next big thing that could do 10 X or 100 X on exchanges yet we have our own rough diamonds here in Leo and CUB.

The time and effort the @leofinance team has put into this project tells us how important this really is and has not gone unnoticed as good things do take time. Ever since we were told in February about this I have been hearing about bridges popping up everywhere and have been patiently hoping for this to happen as quickly as possible. This is a real game changer and am now curious to see what value CUB and Leo will hold come June as it wont be what we see now.

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to the 🌙

Love me those dripcoins. I just keep accumulating things to keep me accumulating things. When LBI starts paying out dividends the "drips" are really going to be noticeable. I think it's important to build some depth here with Hive, Leo, and Cub, but it's also important to keeping building wide with all these other tribes. As you say, there is value there. How much will be determined down the road but I don't feel there's enough early to really sell them, and yet they continue to add real value to the account.

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Those tribes really are pretty awesome. I can't believe the added value we are getting from a lot of them just by doing what we were doing every day anyway! I also hear you about your account value seeming to not move after a certain point. That was especially true during the crypto-winter!

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