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Crypto plays with our emotions and it is all about having the right mindset.

Funny to say the word patience along with crypto, but that is the one thing I have truly learned being in crypto. Things move at the speed of light when they happen ,but one needs to wait and be patient until that happens. It is like waiting for a bus as you know one will come at some point and sometimes even two at once.

Being involved in Hive for over 3 years one has to understand that good things take time. I never saw Leo do it's 0-200 as it was unexpected for me even though I was here, thankfully having staked the air drop.

Over the past few months we have seen various alts taking their turns with some reaching ATH especially the newer ones from DEFI land. It seemed patience wasn't needed for many of those as they hit the ground running and many did 100x in no time. I think this is what outsiders think of crypto and why their is so much FOMO around.

This last week I have finally started trading and low and behold we are back to the waiting game. I am confident in my trades, but these trades 2 weeks ago would already have returned 40 or 60% and have been in the next trade already. Timing is obviously everything and having the right coins. I am up over 4%today yet still disappointed which tells you maybe we expect too much. I think it is because we have seen it so many times before and when things move 20-50% is fairly normal.

I don't believe in luck as your decisions determine how well you do. You are not lucky if you get rich from crypto because you have to be in it in order to benefit. I believe the users on Hive and especially on Leofinance will not only do well financially for staking those coins, but the information that is here amongst us is crucial. Again patience is needed as this is a long game even though Leo as a value has already done remarkably well.

We have all seen users come and go over the years and the difference between them and all of us is patience. Not only do we enjoy what we have but we are growing our bags whilst sitting it out which when we think about it is not that bad. Having a long term mindset has been installed in me in how I was raised as anything worthwhile takes time otherwise it isn't worth it. Yes there is quick money to be made and I am sure those that are trading in the bull market that is coming will all do well. For now though it just seems rather quiet and kind of like when we see the leaves blowing on the trees before the oncoming storm. Just more time is needed bring us back to being patient as it will happen at some point.

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I am not into trading, but I have a handful of NFT assets where I am in the same boat. I just need to sit on them and hold them to see if they can gain any value. I think of all the times I almost got impatient and sold that one NFT and it is truly scary what I might have missed out on.

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