Nearly Time To Party

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Looking at this I think we are about or are in the yellow section "Large Caps" and was going to ask others what they thought?

From everything I am hearing through social media we are heading for lift off soon. This is not the normal chat as many bag holders of various coins talk about Lambo's and wen moon every day of the week and no one pays attention to that type of crap.

I missed the last bull run and alt season so this is my first and to be honest have no idea what to expect. The idea is to take everyday as it comes and not get caught up in distractions by keeping it simple. I have heard many stories about traders who did well in 2017, but never took profits and basically lost all their earnings.

Luckily over the last 3 years I have taken advantage of the bear market by finding Hive and just remaining busy. If one thinks about it the value of this time spent has paid off massively as many of us are holding bags we never had to buy. Bags not just with Hive, but all the other tokens on Leodex.

Last night I was looking and still can't believe the value of what is on offer here just by staying busy and staking. Yes you can trade and earn fortunes but building and growing on Hive is a different skill required that many are still yet to discover.

The amount of money that is going to pour into altcoins this season could see the likes of Hive surpass $5 or even $10 as we just don't know. A $5 Hive will make this place busy again which in my mind is too late as the wealth has already been earned over the last three years when it was quiet. This is great for most of us as there was less competition making Hive and everything else easier to earn.

Every cycle brings in new users to the block chain and there are names you know and recognise who joined at a similar time and in the early group of 2018 I still see a handful of names and everyone else has gone. One has to ask why as it has to be a mindset of easy come easy go and people not being prepared to apply themselves. Talk about a missed opportunity of a lifetime as even though I am not selling as one needs Hive staked people have walked away from what could be life changing wealth which is bonkers.

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My take is that Bitcoin will take a breather for now and leave some growth room for alts. The dominance is been falling for a while, $60k is becoming a bit harder to get pass and we honestly didn't had an altcoin season yet. We've had a few coins here and there pumping, but nothing like in mid 2017 and the end of 2017.

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It is coming and somehow going to be bigger and better than 2017.

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I think the alt season has been mimimal and hasn't blown out of proportion but I want to believe the bull run isn't over. For many. 2017 was a regretful bull for them because many didn't expect the bull to end soonest but it did and they never took profit and there was so many regret. Because of this disappointments a lot of people powered down on steem and left, but then they lost the Hive train. Its important we have the right mindset towards a bull run and take profits especially if we would need it.

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Bull run hasn't even started yet which makes it even better. Taking profits is crucial during this time.

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Well I hope it hasn't, because 2017 was pretty short to me.

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I am really glad that you and I have stuck it out for this long. It has been really great getting to know you over the past three years and helping each other out! I look forward to seeing all of the hard work that we put in individually and together paying off. Thanks for all the tips and advice along the way!

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It has been great and getting to know yourself and others makes it all the more worthwhile. This will pay off as some things you just know lol.

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I suppose the main reason people get into ETH is to get into Alts. ETH and BNB have been on a tear recently, hopefully we see some of them flow through.

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