Lunar Crush and Hive -Where Are We Scoring Ranking Points?

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Hive's ranking at Lunar Crush earlier this evening.

#Hive may be doing well at ranking 36, but here are the top 10 for today. Lunar Crush is a social media ranking site for Crypto and they reckon it does reflect price action in a positive way. I suggest we try it out and try and help Hive go up in value by doing our bit helping the others who do this daily.


I must admit looking on twitter there wasn't more #Hive shilling than normal and this is just our community doing it's thing. Now imagine we have Project Blank and get going the damage we could cause as these other coins don't stand a chance.

Todays unsung heroes but to be honest not only today as this is what they do everyday.

I think just out of curiosity did everyone on this list do more shilling than normal being very busy and doing extra as that will tell and help us going forward how much activity would be required to reach the top 10 or number 1.

Personally I am a bit skeptical of this data as if a coin suddenly goes up in volume people tend to talk about it anyway. This to me is natural so if we pump the social media side and the price remains the same it tells me Lunar Crush is not worth anything as it is just pointing out the obvious and their algorithm is useless.

Hive is different to all these other coins as it has a community and lets be honest if we all did 10 things per day for 1 week we would be top of the charts smoking any competitors. I personally am not a twitter fan ,but would help as I have no other social media presence as I literally hate it.


The score is calculated using an algorithm from the following sites so I thought lets join and see where we are scoring our brownie points. Any ideas as I thought it must be twitter ,but oh no it isn't lol.


This looks like we are getting the bulk of the score from Reddit activity so this tells me if we continue that and add Project Blank/Twitter then we have a massive opportunity of going to the top of the social media ranking. I have no clue what sort of volume would be needed to achieve this but surely this is something that we could accomplish as we love to take on a challenge.

My head is saying when we have the next hard fork instead of moping around in discord we actually do something positive and see how much traction we can achieve. Just some thoughts to mull over on a Sunday evening.

Honestly I can't wait for #Leofinance and the Project Blank as it is a massive advantage that we will have over everyone else.

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You're absolutely correct. Project Blank has recently taken a backseat to the DeFi mania but I think no one can deny the power of social media.

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