Just 12 Years For $1 Trillion Market Cap

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I was reading an article today about the crypto market cap growing by over 4% just today topping out at $2.3 trillion. Sounds a lot, but when we think of all the projects involved that are growing in value daily this figure is just getting started.

I had a repairman come to the house today and we were just in casual conversation when he mentioned a client of his who bought Bitcoin early on at $800 each and has since retired. This is the reality as Bitcoin has changed so many peoples lives who got in early enough.


I think it is the speed at which the market cap is growing is catching many by surprise especially considering 15 months ago Bitcoin was in the low $4000 price range. Those days have since gone and in 5 years we will be saying the same thing that we should have bought at $50 000 and we just never learn.


The rate Bitcoin is climbing in price and market cap it would not be hard to imagine that Bitcoin will soon be at the top of the tree as a value. I would go as far to say that it could in the next 5 years be more valuable as a market cap over the top 10 companies in the world. By then that would mean Bitcoin is worth more than $10 trillion which shouldn't be too difficult to achieve considering wat we have seen already. I think all bets are off Bitcoin surpassing Apple before the end of the year.


Bitcoins dominance went below the 50% mark and is currently sitting at 47.86% which is good news for everyone holding altcoins right now as it gives us a chance to grow our bags as this is looking like alt season finally. Ethereum growing is the expected next cycle which we are seeing now with larger capped coins soon to be followed by smaller cap coins like Hive.

Bitcoin will be back in control soon enough as that is how the cycle has played out before and one thing we know with crypto it does repeat it's history. It is unrealistic to believe that something can just keep growing as pull backs are not only necessary, but are also very healthy.

I still can't believe this was 2 for 1 cent only 12 years ago and is the missed opportunity of the century. Talk about a lack of understanding not knowing where the future was heading.

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We are going to see massive market cap tied to crypto. I see BTC still going up but not at the pace of the entire sector.

It will be a great thing to watch.

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I agree what we have now is nothing compared to a few years down the road. I still see Bitcoin climbing and not as quickly as everything else but quicker than the top 5 market cap companies.

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Never found those charts or comparisons very impressive. Whichever turns out to be the big winning businesses or cryptos of today will inevitably beat those figures a few years from now due to inflation.

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Agreed. When I was looking at market caps it was interesting to see the companies 20 years ago and where and how things have changed. These will change again as the wheel never stays still.

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My cousin told me about Bitcoin years ago when it was €100 a coin or thereabouts. I dismissed it as a pyramid scheme at the time!! Biggest mistake of my life!!

€5k each invested then and we'd be sitting on €2.5 million each!

Then I tell myself we could easily have lost the lot in Mount Gox like many others or sold in 2017/2018..

Oh well, we're here now earning passive imcome, who knows maybe in 5 or 10 years we will look back at these days as our wealth creation days..

I tried to buy it back really early on in 2010 and couldn't work out how to actually go about just buying it. Should have invested more time obviously.

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Ooooooh burn 🔥

I feel your pain man.

Remember this one?

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Wait until they discover everything that has been built onto crypto over the past few years. This whole scene is a game changer and we are lucky enough to be in the gamer this time.
I would say that most of us have spread across multiple tokens and projects all of which have tiny adoption yet. Wait until one of them gets 10M users and rockets.
The rest will follow as people try to get into the next big thing.

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People are still just discovering Bitcoin, know what we are still so early.

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Wow, that is crazy to see how those lengths of time have dropped so dramatically. It is also crazy to see how quickly BTC made it to 1 Trillion. I keep thinking that we just hit 1 Billion, but then I have to go back and look at my chart and I realize how far off I am!

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