Heard Of Crypto.com Twice In One Week

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Today Visa announced that with it's recent partnership with Crypto.com that it would use the stable coin USDC as a crypto settlement system. I believe it is great news as it is another step towards mass adoption. These are big steps being taken today that we could only have dreamed about only a year ago. Any adoption is good news as it benefits everyone in crypto.

The FUD we are seeing and hearing about these days is more to do with a certain country who have no clue how to regulate something they don't understand. Nigeria was a prime example as the crypto world is moving ahead at a rapid pace leaving them pondering how to take back control. Those days have gone and it is too late to halt something when it is already established and accepted in 90 percent of the world.

I was looking on twitter as I do find the comments comical and many a waste of time. Regarding the story of Ethereum and Visa collaborating via the Crypto.com payment system many are more concerned why their blockchain or shit coin weren't chosen. It makes sense to use a stable coin pegged against the dollar as that is the safe bet.

Personally I don't think Visa would be using a payment system if they were going to be paying high gas fees as that would make no business logic whatsoever. Crypto.com seem to be making noises as it is the second time I have heard of them this week, the other with them joining up with Aston Martin Formula One as a minor sponsor.

Crypto.com has their own bank card also linked with Visa using the MCO coin which earned you CRO for staking it .I have heard of CRO but had no idea what it was and makes more sense now. This collaboration is good for Visa and Crypto.com as Crypto.com fulfill a service and no doubt will also get more of their cards into circulation opening more crypto wallets for their exchange.

I have no idea why a bigger exchange wasn't used like Binance as Crypto.com with a reported 10 million users still sounds like a niche exchange. Over the last 12 months we have seen more and more exchanges offering cards and banks have been very quiet. How long before we get to a tipping point when a bank is no longer required? Once mass adoption happens things move rapidly and where will that leave the bank you use currently.

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I have the app installed. Wanted to order the card but they're asking for some paperwork that I don't like to upload.

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Then don't as there are loads of others. Currently buying and stacking Coti as hoping value goes through the roof and then I have a card full that I can use.

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Coti has its own card? Will have to check that out. I'm using Binance card for now.

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Either has one or one is imminent. That is why I am buying the coins as they have so much going on including a payment partnership with ADA.

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Still a gatekeeper.

They want to control all they can while staying relevant. We need to keep working to make then obsolute.

The world will be better when companies like this are gone forever.

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i looked at the 'terms/conditions' - yuck

there is mentions of 'fees fees fees' and they are blocking people from several countries

so it's pretty much another mega corporate conglomerate - the antithesis of satoshi vision of 'freedom'

Does any of this surprise you?

They are all trying to stay relevant since crypto basically eliminates the entire need for them.

We all must keep in mind, they are still gatekeepers, just in different clothing.

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Never looked at the fine print as not going to get involved. Using Coti most likely as a bank card and why I am staking them hopefully price will rocket and fill up the balance value. There are so many options out there now so it is not exactly ground breaking as Binance is also Visa.

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I really do think that ETH was the wrong choice in this case. I am sure they will make it work, but it was a stupid move on their part. I don't blame Crypto.com for that though. I have been using them for several years and I have been really impressed with what they have to offer. My only issue with them is the fact that my purchases through them often get declined by my credit card company. Perhaps that will change with this new partnership.

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Hope to see HIVE listed soon on crypto.com

Still a great experiment so far.

Yeah maybe we should all just send them messages asking when they will add hive.


Not IF

Oh whoa, cool Gif, I like that! Lotta thought going into HIVE every which-a-way!

Crypto.com is making waves. They recently made a deal with NHL team here in Canada for a major sponsorship including a big logo on the ice! They have marketing here in NA and will build brand equity in this market over time. already 6th largest exchange by volume, I only see them growing and their card offering will be a hit im sure.

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