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Highly recommended before you start running around on your Hive account as learning is the key to understanding.

I was asked by someone today what we actually do on here and how it all works. I have been asked before, but you just know it was them only being polite and had no real interest, but today was different. They are feeling like they are missing out somehow and needed to not oversell it, but a general overview. You could see their head spinning so I had to simplify it drastically otherwise it would scare them away.

The simple explanation I offered was like it was an investment that was hands on which is what it really is. Your account on here is live and depending on what actions you do it has implications whether good or bad.

I explained that the more stake, you have the more power you have behind you that helps you grow. The more you do the more you can earn and thus grow your investment. Unlike a normal investment you don't have any real influence except by buying and selling. Many investment policies have a set term and you just sit out and wait for the time to elapse. Here though you have to be active and enjoy yourself which then relates into real growth.

I do believe what we have going on Hive and the communities is going to be a mind bender for the average person and hoping overtime it does become a little easier. Many of us have mastered the basics and are well set and have taken the time to learn which will help us whatever happens in the future.

Someone new joining you would hope will have some basics regarding using a computer and hopefully better than myself. I see myself as the average Joe who has done well by sticking with something even though it was well out of my comfort zone. This I believe is what the average person on the street needs to do and to take things slow otherwise it can be overwhelming.

I am hoping all the new layers being added will actually simplify the blockchain taking away any confusion making everything flow seamlessly into each other. The more that is built the easier things should become as something disjointed can be rather scary and daunting to understand.

A new user joining Leo from one of their feeds like Metamask will at least have some understanding and will not be a fish out of water. Someone from Facebook would have a different story though and that would not be so easy just to get going. Over time these users will find their way onto other areas of the block chain which will benefit the user experience as there is just so much to see and do.

One ex colleague who I got to join many moons ago is no longer on here and didn't even get past the first hurdle of making 100 HP. I am sure there is a bit of regret now if they look up where I am as they had a perfect opportunity to change their financial status with just some commitment and consistency.

I do believe that everyone on here who has made it through over the last few years are unique individuals with a set of skills that many others don't have and why everyone is still here.

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People who stayed here for years are really inspiring. Right now all this commitment just motivate myself to stick along and contribute !

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I think it inspires everyone that is here and the community is what keeps you going. I am nearly here 3 years and seems like nothing because of everyone else.

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It's difficult for the uninitiated to understand what a great opportunity Hive and Leo is.

I spent months on Publish0x and Readcash scraping pennies, I think I knew that eventually I would get bored. When I found Leo, because of my experience on other platforms I knew the potential that there is here in comparison.

The uninitiated don't have that experience, and to them Leo sounds too good to be true.

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I have heard that before with others saying is it a scam? They just need to fully understand what this offers and the opportunity here.

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Even techies can't take this in all at once, its way to complex. I have tried, explained and the glaze appears only to quickly. HIVE is going up so expect some to come back and some new ones to arrive. LEO is helping.

Yes I noticed that glaze today lol and had to change how to describe it. I expect many new users will arrive over the coming months plus some old faces.

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@slobberchops wrote a really good series a while ago that has very specific step by step instructions for new users to Hive. It was a really good couple of pieces that he put together. I directed my worker to those resources when I first got him started on here. There is plenty of stuff I can tell him myself, but I always feel like I am missing something here or there.

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I never finished it, it kinda got put on hiatus. I take up old things again every now again and carry on, same with this.