Earning 24 Hours Every Day Has To Be The Only Way

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May sound very obvious to the ones that have found opportunities to earn whilst you are sleeping, but this is so true.

I am sure I am not alone in this when I wake up the first thing I do is grab a coffee and check my various wallets checking what happened overnight. I must admit I feel fortunate to be in a position to be earning 25 hours a day even if I do nothing. This is the power of staking and the power of investing in various projects.

Only recently have I started trading again but I just see that as another revenue stream not for now but much later on in life. So many people want everything for today and just don't give themselves the chance to achieve what could be possible financial freedom.

If you asked anyone in the street that if they did certain things over the next 10 years it would give them the ability to retire a majority would sign up to that idea immediately. The reality is many are stuck in their ways hoping instead of taking the opportunities that are available.

A while ago I spoke about most millionaires having a minimum of 7 revenue streams and the average Joe has 1 or if they are lucky maybe 2. The community on Hive I would guess has at least two, but a majority have more like 4 or 5 and some have the 7 and above.

We all have the ability to earn whilst sleeping just by staking on Hive and being involved in the tribes. Not only via curation and auto voting, but the interest earned on your Hive stake just keeps ticking over. This may sound like nothing but it adds up very quickly as I have seen this source of growth climb. Not really in the first year, but definitely in the last year currently worth 4.8 Hive per day.

The one game changer has been DeFI for anyone involved in this as this type of farming is creating huge amounts of wealth with very little effort. I have to admit I need to get more involved and something on the radar as I have more funds come available. My $2 or $3 earned per day via CUB DeFi per day is not really great as a revenue source, but better than nothing right now. Still $3 more than the average Joe in the street and the point of getting ahead financially. If one can get that into the hundreds per day then the future is definitely bright. Easier said than done though but definitely something to aim for.

I believe if you can set targets to earn per hour whilst your awake or sleeping then you will achieve success taking you away from thinking about monthly bills and earning from month to month. This is my aim as enjoying life to the fullest by removing financial worries is why I am so busy these days. We all have to think of what can be when the likes of Hive and Leo and other tribes are 5x or 10 x the value of today.

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This is quite interesting to read and believe but I find it painful to come to the acknowledgement that not everyone is privileged to earn in such manner. Some can't just even believe in this due to the fact that they are used to salaries. I personally believe in the digital space creates and gives chances to many people to earn in such a manner and not everyone would ever find it easy to understand and use the digital space to gain or acquire financial security. And to be frank, how possible is it to earn every hour or while you sleep in the physical labour world?

DeFi is definitely an instrument to make earning money in your sleep a reality. As the market grows, that 2-3 dollars may become 20-30 dollars. Keep at it!

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Passive income streams and the compounding of money are two of the most powerful pillars of wealth. Both growing it and maintaining it. Hive and Leo and Cub and the miners and some of these other tokens offer the people here that opportunity. All it takes is a little effort. Read, comment, vote. Do it every day, big or small, and you will grow your stake which then allows that stake to grow itself while you sleep.

If crypto and Hive are here to stay (which I fully believe they are) then now is the time to build. Forget about the price and focus on your stack. In five years, earning 100 (or 1000) more Hive because the price stayed low will be worth far more than having it jump to $2-$3 now.

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