Dumb And Dumber

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Why do people make simple things so difficult?

One of my long standing customers is currently giving us a hard time. I have spoken to him a few times over the last week and just can't get through to him as it is simply ignorance and stupidity I just cannot accept.

Now imagine this every month they ask for a quote before they place an order and once happy furnish us with a company purchase order. This has been the system in place from day one. In march we had a forced price increase as raw materials are fluctuating in price and at the moment close to 40% more than what we are all accustomed to.

This I told him telephonically and warned him about other products so he had a heads up. This is what I do as I am here to help so they don't get caught out and if they can save something it all adds up. I never emailed him about any price increase as we always quote first and have to wait for the purchase order.

A quotation is a document that a seller provides to a buyer to offer goods or services at a stated price, under specified conditions.

From the dictionary explaining in simple terms what a quote is. I am tempted to send this to the moron buyer, but believe he knows what he has done is wrong and is looking for an excuse or someone to try and blame.

Last week he queried the order he took in March as he noticed a price increase which we know is still cheaper than any competition. We are not hiding behind anything as the price did go up and we followed procedure according to how they work. Supplying a quote is exactly that and would he be complaining if the price has gone down which will happen at some point as we work that way as well.

What is now evident is the quote we put through no one is even checking so what is the point? As a buyer I knew every product and knew my prices off the top of my head so I would query any increase when receiving the quote if I was using that system of working.

He is now panicking as obviously management have questioned this and if he carries on I will speak to someone he doesn't want me to chat to. How did I get this role supplying them in the first place should be what he is thinking as I know the CEO. I promised him the best prices available to make the saving and don't really want to make a phone call, but this lazy fool is leaving me no choice. I see it as someone not doing their job and there is no other explanation for it.

Everywhere I look these days there are people employed who I would never employ as they are out of their depth. It is not surprising companies are tossing thousands down the drain with employees like this on their books.

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Sounds like he's either not thinking or not bothering to remember. How some people get employed is a mystery. If it continues, better to raise it up to the CEO and let him sort this guy out.

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That sucks. It is too bad that some people just skate through their jobs like that. Hopefully you can get it sorted out without having to make that call, but if you do. Well, it might be for the best. That guy shouldn't necessarily be in that position anymore.

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