Cardano Has "Potential"- Needs More Time

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I watched the Cardano Africa Special this evening as there was going to be big announcements. I was expecting ADA to start flying up the price charts but nothing and was rather obvious why after watching for a boring 90 minutes. The key word I took out the entire 90 minutes was not boom and crypto explosion ,but "potential". Don't get me wrong what Cardano is doing is great as it is adding huge value long term helping use their blockchain in areas where it is required.

Cardano (ADA) has been around for 6 years and is slowly getting it's act together and obviously needs more time. I actually feel sorry for the community as how long does one have to wait for a project?

They spoke about registering 5 million students on the Cardano blockchain and having Digital Identification known as DID. This is a great concept and will take time to develop. Some spoke about 6 - 9 months which is not that long considering the community has been waiting 6 years already. The "potential" is massive and sticking with this project may pay off big time.

I think of how spolied we have been on Leofinance with our WEN for Project Blank and that hasn't been that long, but long enough. When something has potential the trick is how much do you invest and when? I say that as during a bull market freeing up cash to make cash is the key. Once that is over you can invest into anything you desire as long as you made profits.

When I look at Cardano I don't see $$$$, but a black hole that is going to lose me money right now compared to other investments. The projects around Cardano I see as more lucrative investments as they are Dapps and blockchains with real use cases right now.

Save the Children fund is the first merchant on COTI- ADA Pay.

One just has to look at COTI and the "potential" is slowly being bought to life. Jumping into bed with ADA was great for the coin long term as it does have a bright future and no wonder they are moving ahead with so many other projects as waiting for ADA would not be wise.

I have to admit I was hoping for a whole lot more as I know how big this can become yet why make announcements when nothing is ready. This is like feeding some information to keep the investors happy stalling for time buying another 6 months or a year. The investors have already bought in as they hold ADA and this came across as more information of why you are staking their coin and the "potential" of what could be. The truth is right now my ADA stake has more potential elsewhere and at some point I will return.

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It sounds like you strongly disagree with the fact that ADA is a good investment or what you're trying to say in essence is - it's advisable to invest in ADA what you can afford to forget for a very long time or what you can afford to lose?

I don't think people who were buying ADA when it was down at the $.05 point are complaining right now. I setup a $20 recurring monthly buy on it last night through coinbase. I don't think it will be a bad move in the long run. Probably not as lucrative of an investment as some of my others, but if it gives me a small gain, that is cool.

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