Splinterlands - SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge - Theme: Water Elemental

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Hello Friends,


How are you all doing battlers? How were the season end rewards for the last season?
Me, for the first time, finished in Untamed packs earning ranking in golden league and got couple of packs for finishing in top 30!!!!
Even though I got those 2 packs, I have to admit that, finishing in top 30 maintaining top 30 ranking will be a daunting task since with each win, you may get as low as 3 rating points and for a loss, we will lose around 35 rating points and climbing back to get those 30+ points means, we have to compete atleast 10 battles!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ah, that's painstaking but, no pain no gain ;) isn't it?
OK, let me come back to the main topic of this blog, that is, to write about a battle for the SHARE YOUR BATTLE weekly challenge.

Water Elemental.gif

Water Elemental, the theme monster for this week is still one of the most used monsters among Water Splinter in-spite

of many new nice monsters introduced because of it's self healing ability and good attack with dodge ability combined to escape some attacks.


That stats for this awesome monster are shared in the above screenshot.
This self healing monster starts with 2 ranged attack which is not bad since it's healing is more important and the attack increases to 3 from level 3 and eventually to 4 from level 7
The speed of this monster is it's biggest strength as it's among the early attackers with it's speed starting at 4!!! which increases to 5 from level 2 and remains as 5 in all it's remaining levels.
It's life can be a bit drawback if we have a low level monster as it starts with life of 4, but it gets increased to 4 from level 2 and to 6 from level 4 and to a max of 7 from level 6 onwards.


Battle and Lineup:



As we can see above, this was a battle with lesser MANA cost with a MANA cap of 20 and had 2 interesting rule sets in Close Range and Keep Your Distance.
While Close Range allows the ranged attack monsters to attack from first/front position, the Keep Your Distance allows only ranged and magic attack monsters to be used in the battle keeping melee monsters out of attack.
Opponent used Yodin Zaku for this battle and hence, this win is a special one although it was just 20 MANA cap.
For this short battle, here is the lineup I used:


1. Lord Arianthus:


Since this is a Keep Your Distance battle, I used this monster since it can magic reflect back to magic monsters and can also reduce the attack from ranged attack monsters because of shield ability.

2. Water Elemental:


Used this theme monster to check any snipe attack and also utilize it's better speed with good enough ranged attack of 3.
It played a major role in keeping the blast attack from opponent's monsters since he/she used YODIN ZAKU as summoner.

3. Mermaid Healer:


Used this heal second line monsters ability monster as it has the Triage ability and this was also significant in this role to heal and keep alive the Water Elemental monster.

4. Albatross:


First of the 2 healing monsters and each of these played their part in this battle against Yodin Zaku and it's monsters.

5. Crustacean King:


Second healing monster in my lineup, it was also the monster which can give those armors to all friendly monsters and it's single ranged attack also played a huge role in this win.

6. Furious Chicken:


The last monster on my lineup is this zero cost monster wasn't utilized at all as all the attack was towards Lord A and Water Elemental

Opponent's usage of Yodin Zaku made me feel frightened for few moments, but just after few minutes, I was all smiling :). The monsters used by him were: Gelatinous Cube, Imp Bowman, Goblin Fireballer and Fire Beetle as his 4 monsters.



Round 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5:

All the monsters just kept attacking Lord Arianthus except for Fire Beetle which tried to attack Water Elemental and missed couple of times which also helped me to win this battle.
By the time it was round 5, Gelatinous Cube breathed last and that was the beginning of the end for the opponent's monsters.


Round 6:

Imp Bowman was the next monster to be removed and even the Close Range didn't help much to the opponent and Goblin Fireballer was the next to move to front.


Round 7:

Goblin Fireballer needed just one blow as it was hanging in with just 1 life and that brought the last man standing i.e. Fire Beetle to the front.


Round 8:

Fire Beetle got 2 more blows in this round to get itself removed and ended the battle in my favor.



Questions and Answers:

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, it worked quite nicely as the battle result shows, but there was a point at which I felt it will be a tough one just after seeing Yodin Zaku as summoner.
If wasn't using Water Elemental, I would have used Wave Runner for it's vis a vis profile albeit healing.

Do you like the WATER ELEMENTAL? Why or why not?

I do like it a lot and is one of the most used Water splinter monsters.
It's attack and speed makes it to be used in the magic attack dominant Water lineups.


So, all in all, it was an interesting battle although it made me feel scary initially.
Most of the time, low MANA battles will be trickier to win as there will be less space to accommodate the most used monsters and hence, winning such battles will be more satisfactory.

Wishing all Happy Monday and nice week ahead.


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Thanks for the votes, comments and resteems.

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A classic line up and battle! Always nice to win against Yodin!

@tipu curate

Thanks buddy, yes, a nice one, more because it's against that beast :)

Have a good day :)

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Friend are you a gamer

Yeah, I just love Splinterlands battles :)

It is very cool...

I don't know how to play splinterlands, can you teach me friends