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RE: LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #5

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it's interesting that most of the earnings comes from curating, I imagined a significant chunk of the them would come from people buying the lbi token

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This is earnings report. If I am not mistaken I don't think the LEO raised by sending LBI is accounted in this post.

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I wonder why

issuing tokens is not earnings

If a company sales its own stock, is that earnings? are more likely fundraising? Earnings are what we make from the LEO raised from issuing tokens.

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Is the amount raised by selling the token accounted for weekly or monthly or at some point?

Yes every week


There is all the LEO collected from token issuing and earnings.

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The leo you send to buy LBI can not be count in with earnings, as those Leo's you send to buy LBI is needed to back the LBI token you bought, to make sure that the value of the LBI never can go beneath 1 Leo.

The Leo you sent to buy is staked, but is not counted in earnings. All earnings from posting and curation are used to let the value of your LBI grow.

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cool thanks for the clarifications :)

You're welcome