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Hell, its been a crazy Month with Leo Finance and their CUB action DEFI.. Everybody is making $$ left and right what? Some are making more in a day than a weeks work salary even with the reduced APY which are in the low 300% APY as compared to the massive 60,000% APY!! DEFI BABY! but the legit way 100% of what the LEO Finance team has built is gold.. with everything we want all the bells and whistles this is what the blockchain wants to be. We are years ahead its just a matter of time the crypto verse turns around and peeps at Hive.

That's what Cub is doing. LEOBRIDGE SOON

its doing it even with out starting marketing.

~enough said.~

I try to be apart of every good promising project on the hive blockchain, I work outside as well and earn roughly $150-$200 a day doing doordash but that all goes to crypto its extra money that I earn from the side its my Hustle, I decided to share my earnings with Utopis holders, I also mine that juicy ETH the fees are high right now So I get nice eth payouts, Miners get the ETH fees so Every Sunday at 11:00 PM PST time, divs go out to Utopis holders from the profits I made that week. I also reinvest back into Hive to grow and be able to help you grow. Lets grow our wealth.

So listen Utopis will get a nice boost in Hive due to Cub + Utopis its going great and you as a holder will enjoy it as much.

I purchase Hive with Crypto and Fiat bringing in $$ into the hive ecosystem rather than taking away.

BOOM that is what is called an eco, Social Index fund great for every one great for hive.. I purchased 2 VTI stocks to test the waters and I got a notification that the amount of dividends per share!!

Let’s grow our wealth!
Look at this beauty!


If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about please check these links out.

Project Utopis Whitepaper



Go get you some UTOPIS

This crypto journey has thought me so much, and I cannot wait to get enough BTC for the 500k! you know that's around the corner. I cannot wait for many many more years of this shit.

So I hit 75,000 Hive Power! This gig work is sure paying off it is allowing me to make even more fiat profit so I can become a Crypto millionaire! Yea that is my darn goal for this year! I think I can finally achieve this! Finally be able to put my sweat and well not tears but my sweat and grinding and Hustling into crypto and be able to enough making real dough all from home and doing something that will never ever end! I feel this is a great move powering up my hive many things are upon us for the new HF!!

the curation will hopefully be fixed and the system will finally even itself out and start the real hive ecosystem that we know is there! the perfect oiled machine! the real SMT's real tokenization of communities NFTS shit real decentralized DEFI on the HIVE blockchain!! boom I cannot wait for that to happen!!

All I can do form my side is continue busting my ass off and earing that fiat to pump my bags to finally become a crypto millionaire!!!

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You're really passionate and great to know you're working towards making utopis more valuable. Keep up doing what you do

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Keep at it bro!

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Awesome, great progress!

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Massive, bringing in value into the ecosystem is huge, I'll consider buying some utopis myself.

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Good luck, future millionaire :)

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