$792,607 Burnt

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Yeah that’s how much cub has been burnt since the inception of cub.

This of course is the current value of cub at evaluation of $3.57 now of course it goes up and down it is a liquidity pool and would you get paid in cub for providing quick liquidity many upgrades are coming hopefully this week.

There is little doubt there will ever be a rug pull , as we in the DEFI space like to call a quick exit scam.

But going back to the say about quarter of $1 million burnt never to be used again. Of course this is again valuation of a coin that pays us for providing liquidity now this coin could go zero fast but it is more likely that it will go up touching $10 then it is to touch zero dollars.

There is so much time and there’s so much money invested into this project and this project is attached to other projects leading to Leo finance which is the goal to bring everybody from the outside from any type Blockchain into leofinance or for better HIVE Which of course we all know is the main driving force of one of the coolest block chains on the space yet it has little to no recognition outside of our own community which is a bit sad considering all the benefits and “free” transactions.



With a CUB market cap of $6,620,499

I would say this is not bad close to $7 million of a project created in in no time at all the leofinance team/project is about two years old to create a product after two years and to be valued at around $7 million is epic to say the least this shows that the hive Blockchain is a sweet breeding ground for creation and innovation that no other block chain can accomplish and also being anonymous on this space does not help much but we all know who these people are or some of these people the face of Leo finance is helping booster up hive with the innovation space sure the prices are fluctuating back-and-forth with Leo and hive but at the end of the day my money is very safe and invested in the Hive Blockchain And I will continue to do so until otherwise.

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I am really happy that I have my money invested in this project

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 53 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Absolutely awesome moves and excellent work in ensuring the stability of your own coin by reducing supply.

I'm super excited to watch all these moves come about and definitely really excited to see what happens when I don't stake my daily liquid rewards and earnings on hive engine for a week.

And even better the fact that you can support others and grow your cryptocurrency holdings? Awesome!

There should be more burnt in the coming months once the bridge goes live so I hope I can still get in cheap next month. The best thing about CUB is that we are unlikely to see a exit scam like the other networks. This is proven by their actions during the wLEO pool (heard from others).

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Something tells me you just wanted to show off your investment and your earnings ? hahahahaha

Certainly being close to having a million dollars burned is something that satisfies many.

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The burning of CUB has been a blessing and this action will keep pushing the price, UP & UP. I am very much bullish and we are going to see an increase in TVL and marketcap once the LeoBridge opens.

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I also just recently started investing in CUB liquidity pools. Safe to say we're in good hands!

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In cub we trust. There is no doubt that this project will grow in the coming months/years. The dedication and passion towards it are unmatched. This is why I am so confident about investing there (and here). It is trapping into other projects making it nearly impossible to fail. We are in safe hands

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I can see it being a $10 token this year easily. If they get even a fraction of the traffic to the bridge that they think then it's going to heat up very fast.

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You are heavily invested in many Hive based projects and side projects. It is good to hear your confidence.

Yet, in the end, it's all about believing. There is no absolute guaranty.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the ride and push the gas pedal some more :)

Good luck!

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I have not been invested in DEFi so far, but since 10 days or so I am farming cub and trippled my position in the LP, I hope to see a nice steady growth in terms of token prize. I loaded up more yesterday when $Cub was 3,00 now its down but I don´t care I wanna be rich of course but I also have time and time is crucial in compounding and growing.

but at the end of the day my money is very safe and invested in the Hive Blockchain And I will continue to do so until otherwise.
I very much hope that our monies are safe, I am going to invest portion by portion until I make about 100$ in Cub a day. If I reach that I retire :)

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Not a bad burn amount for sure! I just hope in the long term it can keep pace with inflation and remain as the key value proposition.

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Hi, why so many CUB in wallet? Let them work for you :)

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