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So let’s talk about Coinbase and the complete epic failure of an IPO... what did you expect was gonna happen did you buy? did you jump on the train? did you lose a lot of money?

I mean why if you bought into coin base is IPO then that would mean that you do not believe in cryptocurrency as it was to be 100% decentralized yet in the real world there was a way for a couple of people to create a company that facilitates the buy and sell or exchange of cryptocurrency.

The same company created an IPO for Wall Street I being a firm believer in straight decentralized no bank no government cryptocurrency if you lost money on the coin base IPO as it should be cryptocurrency is a completely different animal and it is without a doubt one of the best instruments of power of wealth transfer or so we think right.


I should feel bad since we all want to make money and make profits, I think maybe sticking to morals or be true to yourself. We all love the “tech” right but we all love making money money let’s not sugar coat it. 🤷‍♂️ but still what did you expect would happen?

If you lost money on the IPO then lesson learned.

Check this guy out, even got the best of us.


Crypto, morals and values aside, buying a "hot and hyped" IPO on opening day is generally a really bad move. They tend to end up insanely overbought, and then do precisely what Coinbase did...

Consider eBay, the hottest IPO of 1998. It was offered at $18 on September 24th and immediately shot up to about $45. By mid October, people were crying in their soup as it had given back 40% of the hyped up first day run. However, by the end of 1998 — 75 days later — it had risen TEN-fold from the October lows.

In the cryptosphere, we're so used to stuff mooning immediately...


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Andreí is quite good :D

Yes, Very smart man.

I didn't jump on the Robinhood train for it, but I did allocate a small portion of my M1 Finance pie to it for long term, because YOLO, lol(not the YOLO ETF, which I have some of that too, lol). So no harm on my end except I went in stupid on a BTC long at the WRONG time, but I haven't gotten liquidated yet, so heres to hoping for it to bounce before I do, lol.

🤞 I hope it does bounce back up since this is now tied to the real crypto in the virtual world it has tainted the chain.

Gummed it up.

It’s like a bug now.

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Ohh ackza.

How is that relevant to the subject of this post?

um because youre talking about how you DIDNt buy some coinbase ipo and were talking crypto/ jeesus christ you hive peopel are such picky nerd ssometimes ya know?

lighten up

isnt hivelist YOUR project?

im payingt youacompliment lol

sometimes i have to liek reply on ur latest post as a way toi reach out to you sheesh lol

coinbase sucks!

just use u all know its way better has a simple application for hive , if we all keep asking to get hive on theer well imagine, who will ever fucking need coinbase needs an ipo thats tied to CRO now that will be innovative

they make so much in fees, coinbase is lame, has no debit card liek who started sending ouytr cards like money printing , like the 80s and its liek better than credit cards man its amaizng

imagine going back to 1991 trying to make a rudimentary blokchain and nfts for early world wide wweb project xanadu style

coinbase must be broken up like ATT / bell

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 53 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I didn't jump into it because I knew that the bankers and venture capitalists cashing out on top of the retail mob. I think I need to wait at least a few months for everything to play out before I even think about buying that stock. But yea, why invest in coinbase when you can just invest directly into BTC, ETH or BNB directly.

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I made money in the first hour. I bought and sold at 420! I rebought the dip, then it dropped and I am down on that lot, however I DCA some on Friday and am up on those. It is stupid, but I think COIN will go up to 1000 eventually. Coinbase is profitable, but I think it will go where btc goes. If you are bullish and think BTC is going to 200k then buy and HODL. Or you can just skip all that and buy btc.

Actually it was NOT an IPO.

It was a reverse SPAC listing where Coinbase (COIN) purchased up a holding company with the ticker symbol of (MUDS) [i forget the name of it]

So all that happened is owners of COIN stock sold to make a profit.

No one was able to buy in at an IPO price.

What normally happens is when a company is about to IPO. The listing financial companies will give out shares at the IPO price (let's say $15) to their clients.

Than due to outstanding demand the stock opens at $20.
Everyone that was in on the IPO gets a quick profit if they sell.

In this case the only people who had shares where employees of the company and they sold at what they could.

This was way different from an IPO.

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I think coinbase hasn't had its day yet.
We all know it's extortionate for its fees but it has a killer feature going for it. Its unbelievably simple.

Normies take one look at the crypto market and turn around because of how many different coins there are and how distanced it is from Fiat. Coinbase gives them a simple way to swap from fiat to crypto and back again.

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