Will Salary Diversification Become The Next Company Perk

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Hey Jessiemployees

It's about that time where everyone thinks they're a genius for holding Bitcoin, and rightly you should feel that way, you took a risk and it paid off, celebrate your profits, enjoy your good fortune, there is nothing wrong with that. The sad thing is that Bitcoins growth while attributed to many things.

Yes Bitcoin's value comes from things such as market demand and resources used and the ability to move value around with near-instant settlement is indeed valuable, but a lot of its value is coming from EVERY country in the world devaluing their currency at different rates and consumers trying to put their money in just about anything to keep it from being debased.

I know it feels like you're "smarter" than everyone else since the market is valuing your choice highly in terms of purchasing power but Bitcoins value comes at a price to others.

The idea of number go up

Do I want Bitcoin to go up? Sure I do, do I care that it goes up? Not really, if it stayed at today's price or even half'd from today's price and stayed there forever I would still consider it a success.

I want Bitcoin to go up, because it benefits the most amount of people it can, not go up because it's hurting those carrying fiat and debt. I want Bitcoin to go up because it proved fundamentally superior, but that's what I want, not what most people want, nor what is happening.


Real demand for labour

As number go up more people are looking to Bitcoin and crypto as a means of payment. Miners are the only ones manufacturing these things so the rest of us have to purchase it from the supply they provide but what blockchain is missing is an exchange of labour for the asset.

We talk about currency having value because you pay your taxes in it, but really currency has value because someone is willing to put their labour and thought into creating a product or service and is willing to accept something as payment, we've seen it done with seashells, tobacco leaves, paper money and I think that's the big hump crypto has to jump over.

When labour insists on full or partial payment in crypto, then we create real demand, then we pore the humans capacity to generate value into a scarce asset and this to me is where the real value comes from that will change the world.

Most of us are so caught up in the number go up financial engineering that is not only in Bitcoin but in every asset. We look to these finance guys and girls and bankers thinking they geniuses when they offer very little value.

They only have value or add value to the economy because of financial engineering not in spite of it.

Show me the money

A friend recently shared a story with me about some American Football player wanting his salary in Bitcoin, as is his right. His greed and chasing after his personal wealth and ambition could unlock a series of conversations that could open up the real power of Bitcoin.

I think everyone has realised by now their money is losing value if bread was x 10 years ago, it sure as hell isn't the same price now and no country in the world is paying less for these goods. We often talk about the cost of living going up, but it's not that, its the cost of inflation going up and the fact that wages aren't adjusting to the increase in the money supply.

This is the reason why people are having to work harder, go into debt for longer to try and finance what people did 50, 60 years ago with far less productive than we have today.

Show me the money

Salary protection

I believe that people should be paid in whatever means they like if you want to be paid in fiat, crypto, precious metals, stock, then why not? if it has a market value you should be able to accept for trading labour.

I think that in future people will be able to negotiate diversified salaries that are paid out in let's say I want 50% fiat to cover my bills and then 25% metals and 25% crypto.

The only reason I could see this not working is that it becomes complicated to tax and gives people a lot more personal freedom. Governments might not like it, but I think people sure would.

Should we be pushing for diversified compensation? I think so!

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Labour being paid in crypto sounds like a solid step towards a potential for the workers to own the means of production and mutual aid.

My twitter ban ends in an hour but I miss posts like yours that make me actually think about things like shared OR ownerless liquidity pools to pay unionised labour with incentives to buy into ownership of said company.

There's something here and it has mutual aid written all over it. If a dpos could somehow do something like wise coin it would be really revolutionary. Better yet we finally get away from inflationary models and into a true ETH killer.

If I had some weed I could probably figure it out but I don't so.....😂

That's what I would HOPE some people do but I wouldn't force them, so let's say we pay people in what THEY want cash, preferred stock, crypto whatever, those workers who want cash do you think son stay liquid,

Those who want stock, you secure means of production, you secure governance, you secure additional future income from YOUR labour and labour of those you work with aligning incentives and all that jazz.

To be honest, I don't see many chains really wanting to drive that sense of change, all they want is micro-economies where they rule the roost. Again, not a bad thing, I'd rather have 1 million micro-economies competing with each other for my attention, labour and to reward me then 1 that I'm forced into by residence.

I do like your idea, I wish it does happen!


Interesting, I was thinking about this a couple of days ago. Maybe not the whole salary, but a part of it could be converted /paid in bitcoin/crypto. Not bad. I wonder when.

It’s already happening, I know Bitfinex pays their staffs salary in crypto and a few podcasters are also getting their invoices paid in crypto

I’ve paid someon in Australia in ETH for work I needed done and 30% of my salary gets paid in BTC 😄 granted I pay my own salary but I think it still counts

That's great, it's awesome that you are your own boss and I am aware that it comes with a great deal of responsibility and hard work!

LOL, it's no cake walk, sometimes I hate it but I wouldn't choose any other option. I think working on something you believe in is more important than working to get a salary

I agree with you. I recently heard Robert Kiyosaki talking about increasing financial IQ and I think that so many people would benefit if they would open their mind to changing the way we see money and value connected to it

i get what you are saying but it's a bit more complicated if you ask me

I believe that people should be paid in whatever means they like if you want to be paid in fiat, crypto, precious metals, stock, then why not? if it has a market value you should be able to accept for trading labour.

i would love to choose the way i can get paid but at the same time we should respect the way the others wanna pay us as well. By the same logic, why not a business owner has a right to decide what he would pay us and only we get to decide that?

Also, even if we could choose, which option we want there is the tax factor behind and we know that for cryptos nobody actually knows how to tax them :P

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Lol I think that's a fallacy, respecting how others want to pay us at the expense of yourself is by no means noble. Yes an employer should pay labour how they feel that's their right and they always going to pay you with the worst money possible, I know thats what I would do.

It only takes 1 to start offering payment in Bitcoin for example, to attract the better talent and close down businesses who don't so I don't mind how people see it, thats their choice.

I think that the tax thing yes, governments aren't going to allow formal labour to accept payment like that if it can't be taxed that's why people should start to grow informal labour contracts where you can agree payment based on tasks not on being in a job 40 hours a week

I'd have everything paid in Bitcoin and use the products out there to earn an interest on it. As you summarised, giving people personal freedom is not something a controlling authority will take lightly so they'd sooner have everyone paid in their fiat, country denoted currency and slam everything else.

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Knowing me, I would calculate the amount of fiat I need to remain under the tax bracket here its around $440 per month, so I'll take that tax free, pay the rest in Bitcoin and just like chill, hopefully won't have to dig into too much BTC to pay dem bills other than that make a swing trade here and there but mostly just hodl

I never thought of the concept of paying crypto for labour.
This have two benefits people will be more comfortable if currently is coming from the employer and they will not fall prey to ponzi websites 👍👍