Where To Find Some Of The Best Returns In Crypto

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The DE-FI Space continues to grow each day and with traditional savings account paying you less than your bank fees these days I think it's safe to say it may be time to look to other ways to store your money. Sadly there is NO risk-free rate of return in the current market with yields either close to zero, zero or negative, depending on the country you live in.

This forces people to now venture further our the risk curve to either stay above inflation or at least try to etch out a little profit.


Give CE-FI A try

While you could hop into CE-FI, and earn interest in a range of coins without having to think about it much, CE-FI has its limits, in terms of KYC as well as capital requirements and also trusting a 3rd party with your coins. Also, you are at the mercy of their variable rates and when they payout to you.

Market making

While semi-passive buying a pair you would like to provide liquidity for can net you a decent passive income however you need to do research on which pairs are yielding the best return, you pay fees on the on-chain transactions, there are threats of hacks, and I think you need to be a little tech-savvy to play in this market, not exactly the most passive of passive income streams.

Any time you need to break out the calculator to see if you're in the black, it can put people off.

Relax, take a break, stake

Staking coins like your favourite HIVE and LEO offer a different model rewarding you in inflation for locking up capital and supporting their chain. Staking rewards can be paid out daily, which you can choose to reinvest or invest in other coins and diversify your streams of income. But finding staking projects is tough, and they all need you to jump through their own hoops.

One thing staking coins do offer however is you can buy as much you like to stake, no KYC, no AML buy the token set up their staking protocol and off to the races you go.

I've recently been using the site staking rewards A data aggregator to find new projects to invest in.

Screenshot 20201028 at 17.53.04.png

Don't get fooled by the percentage returns on these projects; they can be misleading, remember to look at the market cap, daily volume, what the project is doing and any of the usual telltale signs and factors as you would research any project.

Having reviewed some of these staking coins, I've decided to jump into the following Tera, Rune and Elrond.

TokenAPRPrice per coin

All 3 have a pretty painful staking process which means not a lot of people are getting in, which means you can enjoy these sweet rewards for longer until they get arbitraged away as the projects make it easier to get in.

Now the rates you see can vary, these are not set effective rates and can be adjusted. I'm willing to risk $100 on each of these to see how they perform and if I can skim some profits into BTC to offset the risk, then why not?

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What do you good people of HIVE think? Any coins you're staking at the moment?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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My best experience in staking has been with the CRO coin rates offered from crypto.com but sadly that option is much less profitable after they reduced the long term staking rewards by half. I am tempted to try the staking options you have discovered!

I also stake CRO been doing it since it was MCO and the 16% was fantastic but yeah that’s also a centralized staking solution!

I have also been Staking MATIC which also gives me 16% return on Celsius but if you do it yourself via meta mask you get a better return

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Tried mining coins (still doing it), tried masternodes, tried staking... Now, it's time to take a step into De-Fi... Don't like centralized solutions, and still not sure about the "security" of De-Fi, but I'm aware that I can't wait too much... :)

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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It’s all about your research and what you’re willing to risk I mean you could just stake a stable coin and get a 8% return there’s just so many options for people now and it can be overwhelming but I think this is what true markets are like Everyone trying to pitch you their deal for your money and you decide how much you want to risk vs return it’s all very exciting

If I find a good project I always feel like $100 to try it out isn’t bad people send that on so many silly things anyway at least 1 of those $100 could be a winner

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LEO and Hive's ability to get a passive return for staked coins is hugely underrated and undersold in our marketing efforts.

Simple, safe and profitable. What more could you want.

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I totally agree just because it’s not shown in the wallet and we’re not on these defi return websites I mean 3.3% is not half bad for HIVE not sure what’s LEOs return and you have all your keys and it’s much less hoops to jump through and no fees

I think perhaps we need to contact these yield sites and get HIVE listed on them too.

I can’t see why anyone would power down at these prices it makes no sense I just keep staking and growing my account

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You can definitely afford this risk since it can offer a nice reward. I am staking DFI tokens at Cake Defi that has a nice return too. Staking is a nice way to earn passive income but I agree about the risk that comes with it.

I’ve not heard of DFI what’s the return on it? Have you done a post on it I could read up on?

I think lots of these staking coins are not going to make it so I don’t want to put too much in it rather spread it and hope one of them does well to cover the losses of the others and bring me into profit

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I have some rune and I have been thinking to start staking it. I know jk wrote a instructions on it, so I might finally join in :)

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Lol staking it even with the instructions is still a pain I jusy saw the opportunity becuse it broke below 0.40 cents so I feel I’m getting a good deal

I've never bought into any stablecoin before, my first ever crypto was steem. Lol I'm feeling really young lol. Rune seems really good to get returns on. Money really makes one more money.

That’s the beauty of it all you don’t have to spend your money you can earn it here in LEO and HIVE build up a kitty sell it get a staking coin earn returns and take those profits and do something else!

Keep doing that and then call me in 10 years and let me know how it worked out for you

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