HIVE Hitting Uniswap Hard

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It looks like the Uniswap Genie is out of the bottle and HIVE dapps and projects are starting to build bridges to leverage the power of the Ethereum blockchain, value and popularity with the help of Uniswap. This decentralised exchange has become the darling of the crypto space and with the help of smart contracts, has allowed value from other chains to be passed over to the Ethereum network via what is known as a wrapped token or representative token.

The exchange currently has billions in liquidity in its pool and thousands of trading pairs for traders to jump in and out of as they search for the best yield and returns on their Ethereum.

The decentralised finance craze has not gone unnoticed here, and it's great to see more projects extending their realm outside their native chain.

Decentralised exchanges give dapps the ability to tap into a new pool of investors, without having to bend the knee to paying for listings or meeting certain legal requirements to list as with a CEX.

This has been a game-changer, and it's probably only the beginning stages of chain interoperability. HIVE has now created several bridges with Ethereum via Uniswap, and it keeps growing, namely:



Naturally, the first to make the jump was the native token of HIVE with a ETH/wHIVE pool currently available, and users can buy in and trade in Uniswap and unwrap or wrap from there native wallet to meta mask. This pair hasn't really kicked off, but there hasn't been a real drive for people to provide liquidity yet.


Probably the darling of the selection here, wLEO has got off to a great start moving up from pre-uniswap values of around $0.03 to a whopping $0.25 at same stages, and it keeps going. I have not jumped into this pool, and I have provided my reasons here. But for those that have, they've netted a healthy profit and continue to do so via fees and the bounty the leo team has generously provided.


Splinterlands has recently launched their DEC token on ETH and is now trading as a pair on Uniswap, and I've jumped in on this one. You can find my reasons here, but for those who don't want to read, the Splitnerlands team have added a bounty for LP providers in the form of a new in-game NFT which will be land.

The value of Land will start at around $10 pre-sale and later at $20, so you immediately gain some ROI there and who knows where land will settle once the market is established or what you can earn through land ownership within the game.

Also, you earn fees on your LP pair, so hopefully, I can break even on the fees and then be all profit with the land I get.


I recently logged into discord, and the @adsactly team have announced they will be launching a token on the ETH blockchain. They are starting with an airdrop, and there will only be a supply of 1 million tokens.

Once the airdrop is completed a uniswap pool should be next, so if you re part of the airdrop, claim yours now and perhaps provide liquidity once the uniswap listing goes live. Adsactly does have two coins types listed on STEEM-Engie doing nothing, not sure if these will be paired, will have to wait and see, as well as if they'll set up on HIVE Engine.

HIVE Hustler (Possibly coming soon)

There has also been talk of the @hivehustlers team launching their token on Uniswap, but with so much in the works on this project, it looks to be a while off, but some to look out for in the future, perhaps time to stack some of it on the cheap while you can before the pair eventually launches.

I'm sitting on around 50,678 of these tokens right now, and it currently has a circulating supply of 180 808 000. At currency prices, 1 HIVE would net you 10 000 Hustler tokens, and 1 HBD would get you around 70 000, however with the order book as it is the slippage is real, and you'll pump the price pretty quickly with a few small orders.

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Wow! Good news. Hive to the world. I look forward to seeing more of Hive tokens on Uniswap. Maybe @sportstalksocial sports token will be next.

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That would be cool, I think sports has the second biggest market cap of HE tokens so it could be primed to have a LP pool, I would like to get in a few million more coins before then so they can take their time lol

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It's a time to accumulate

I'm stacking as much as I can on these tokens, there's clearly something happening here so I'm pretty confident that once the bull run comes things are going to get crazy. So the more I stack now the less accurate or fewer coins I need to sell to make profits

The more Hive tokens we have on Uniswap, the merrier for us. We just got to let the whole world know the stuff that Hive is made of - Tokenization of communities.

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Oh, indeed it provides so many new avenues, taps into new investors and makes them curious about what's going on here and may even convert them into users over time. The added capital flow and price improvements also provide dapps with an additional runway to improve their services as they sell into higher demand for their token.

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I am the first Jessie.

LOL you're going to make a few others in the J squad pretty unhappy, they all love to be first

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Competition is a thing and people usually cry about it. I did have a thought that I love seeing new decentralized exchanges. Decentralize everything!

LOL exactly lets have as many options as possible and then let people choose, if they still want to go centralised by all means but don't have everyone conform

Thanks for this excellent review. We should record more successes in the coming days.

Yeah it's early days so I don't want to look at stats just yet, snapshots don;t give us much info will have to wait a few months to see how it all plays out and not get over-excited

Yea, patience is very key. We'll see how everything plays out in the coming days.

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Need a serious DEC pump and I'll just fucking retire. If it can get to 0.1hive, that will be very nice for my wallet.

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LOL how many DEC are you sitting on that a $0.013 price would allow you to retire? Pretty sure the SARS boys aren't going to like that and you'll need to get out of the country before they come sniffing around for their piece of that crypto pie

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My cards are worth like 500k DEC at least. However, the real money comes from just battling. I make like 2k DEC a week from battles. That's like 200hive a week. Add that to shitpost earnings and a few pumps here and there, I'll be ballsing.

Fuck the police man. They're killing and harrasing young people in Nigeria. If I make a lot of money, I have to get the fuck out or reserve a certain amount for police whenever they decide to rob me

That sure is a sweet chunk of change and with all the money that will flow into BTC I see square put in 50 million now it's only going to keep pushing anything pegged to BTC higher. We have no idea how alt coins will perform in the next bull market nor all these DE-FI products so you could have just positioned yourself for a killing

lol lay off the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the gucci slippers, stay humble get a nice plane ticket and be out fam

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Lol I'm using a Tecno and if you see me wearing Gucci, call a doctor because I've lost my mind.

Fascinating stuff with all the Uniswap liquidity pools. I went in on the DEC pool. Let's see where this is going.



Awesome, nice to see you supporting the cause, hopefully you'll make some sweet profits and the land bonus is just all profit once the trading fees covers all your gas fees. I think I'll have to stay in that pool for quite some time to break even or see a profit

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I own some of those tokens. Very happy..:)

Which of these are your favourite? I just bought a few more hustler dollars and ill jump into their miners soon so i can secure additional tokens before they go the uniswap route

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I have hustler/hustlerM and been loading up on DEC. Neoxian been loading up as well.

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how to get the airdrop?

Head over to their discord and drop your meta mask or MEW asddress in their airdrop chat

Whive and Wleo are certainly good news to promote both value.


Well wHIVE isn't doing much, not sure if people are just not keen or because the returns on the other coins are better, or that the liquidity on other exchanges make it tougher than these 2nd layer coins which have a very centralised pool but its clearly opening up options and allowing coins not to only be tethered to HIVE which isn't a bad thing IMO

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Second Jessie.
So much going on at hive so I choose to....sleep. Goodnight

Seems you're getting slow in your old age and we're getting younger faster Jessies in

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Old man cant run

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Question: Why is #Hive is listing to #UniSwap where fees are so high? I will suggest that for best UX, we work to make #Hive available on low fee blockchain offering cross-chain Dex like AnySwap or JustSwap. Wanchain blockchain is also a good fit for #Hive community.