Adding wLEO To Atomic Wallet

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I was messing around with atomic wallet where I stake my TEZOS, AWC and BAND token and I noticed you could add custom tokens to the wallet that are built on Ethereum. Since wLEO is now available on ETH with the launch of version 2, I thought I'd give it a test run.

If you're not a fan of Meta Mask or My Ether Wallet and like a mobile app or desktop app with a nice UI, then an atomic wallet is great.

Atomic Wallet is pretty much the same as meta mask, so don't let the UI fool you; you'll need Ether in your wallet to perform transactions and pay for the gas fees.

The app is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS mobile devices and you can sync them across your various devices which makes it pretty handy when dealing with crypto since you're not tied to one device or browser or any shit like that.


Adding wLEO to Atomic Wallet

The process is pretty easy all you need to do is click the add button in the top right-hand corner on desktop.

Screenshot 20201116 at 16.41.09.png

  • You can either send the token to your wallets ETH address and it should populate once you reboot the wallet or you can add it manually.

  • There will be an option to add a token by contract, click on it, and add the wLEO v2 Contract Address

Contract Address: 0x176D5681AF7a7D33bCA2B10F716Bb19499a9dD12

Note: Be sure you're using the right contract address before sending any tokens and do a test transfer first to check if its all set up, don't blame me for your cock-ups, please.

  • Once you add it, you'll have to give the smart contract a name.

  • I called the token LEO ETH and gave it the ticker WLEO V2 in my wallet.


If you're using Atomic wallet on mobile, all you need to do is click the menu button and select the add token option and follow the same steps I mentioned above.

If you're using both the desktop and mobile wallet, you can either add the contract to both devices highlighted in the previous steps or set it up on one version. Once you send your wLEO tokens through it should reflect on both desktop and mobile once they sync.

Screenshot 20201116 at 16.42.07.png

Once that's done, you should see the wLEO wallet ready for you to send and receive transactions.

Screenshot 20201116 at 16.43.53.png

Same applies to other wrapped tokens

You can follow the same process should you want to store your DEC or your wHIVE in atomic wallet.

Cashback with trades

If you hold AWC the BNB chain version and stake it in your atomic wallet apart from getting 17-20% ROI on your stake, you also get discounts on transactions. If you do in wallet transactions like swapping BTC for ETH or whatever supported tokens they have you can get cashback on every transaction.

Cashback starts at 0.25% and moves up to 1% depending on how much AWC you stake.

  • Less than 100 AWC - 0.25% back
  • 157 AWC - 0.5% back
  • 457 AWC - 0.75% back
  • 857 AWC - 1% back

You will get 5 AWC on your first transaction, and if you transact with $50 or more, you'll get an additional bonus.

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Awesome. I've not heard nor used the Atomic wallet before. SOunds great to see that WLEO is getting more portable in wallets. THis gets the token closer to more digital asset holders. Thanks for the eyer opener.

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Yeah I am hoping we can add a wallet page on the site so users can see their options with wLEO, they can use the native wallet, or meta mask, atomic wallet, my Ether wallet, it lends more legitimacy to the platform

Hope that comes through soonest.

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Thanks for that! I use Atomic on the regular

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Pleasure, glad you found the tutorial helpful, always good to have more options

I have atomic wallet installed on my laptop as well, but didn't like it too much. I'd wish exodus would support more cryptos.

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I had exodus but as you say it doesn’t support enough coins that’s why I’ve opted for atomic wallet and because of the staking

You can stake XTZ on exodus as well.

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Sweet I didn’t know that I like that tezos allows for liquid staking no lock up period That’s lame lol

Nice one, another tutorial to add to the ebook!

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LOL its going to become the encyclopedia Bitcoin-tannica at this rate

Lol, we'll be sat-urated with knowledge!

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I used atomic wallet for a while but did not like it. It is way tough to trade AWC if you decided to do so. Transaction fees are higher if you decide to buy crypto within. The UI is great for new users but there are things the team can work on to make it more attractive. Hey, it is nice to see WLEO logo in the wallet :)

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I don’t mind it, yes AWC token is such a pain i bought mine then had to swap it via the BNB chain to stake I hope they merge it or have cross chain asset support like binance bridge or something, that would be awesome

Yeah the fees can such I agree, I think now with more LP providers coming online though that should help if Atomic can add more nodes

I think you need to hit a certain amount. Of volume before you get your logo put up I think khal mentioned it on one of the leo round tables a few weeks ago

The UI is simply stunning, I'm a fan of speed and efficiency and apps are like my kind of thing, looks really good.

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It can be a bit buggy at times and crash on you but I do enjoy using it on both the dream too and mobile versions especially for the staking feature makes it so much easier than having to have every coins native wallet

I have hear about this atomic wallet a lot but don't really know how it works
Is it similar to trustwallet?

I’ve never used trustwallet but it allles you access to private keys like any hot wallet then j would say it’s in the same genre of products


I've been very much conversant with the atomic wallet since over 9months now, but never thought of this tips. Thanks so much for this wonderful tips, it's pretty helpful👍.

Man that's a great idea! I totally forget about adding wLEO 😅 Thx ^^

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always a good idea to keep your crypto stored in different places in case one of your wallets gets compromised

Can’t be too careful, I saw the infira node that leo uses had a bug exploit the other day so I’m always careful

I've heard of atomic wallet but honestly had no idea what it was until you posted this.

I think I'll stick with just Metamask for now but if I ever need a mobile ETH wallet I'll be sure to download this?

I'm not sure those trading bonuses are worth it tbh, given the gas fees! My general approach to using ETH to trade anything - is wait for 2.0 and hope that sorts everything out!

Just for clarity, you don't get any bonus just for storing tokens in the atomic wallet? Just for trading?

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It really depends, it's not like you only have to trade in ETH you could trade between various chains, like I could swap Bitcoin for Zilliqa for example, or ETH for BNB, so its more a convenience thing, instead of sending to an exchange trading and sending it back to stake.

You'll get the first 5 AWC just for storing yes, I just used it to stake certain coins like TEZOS, AWC, ZIL and BAND. So if I want to convert my profits into BTC or USDT I get that trading fee partially back in AWC. It's not the greatest but its better than getting nothing like most wallets give you

Damn, another thing to add to the 'to investigate list'!

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I never use atomic wallet but I know that the wsllet is very popular among crypto users. I am not sure can we swap token whive or wleo in the wallet?

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Probably not, unless they have a node with uniswap, I'll have to look into that but I doubt you can trade your custom tokens as yet, they are still the only provider of liquidity so you go through them when you exchange

wow it is first time i came to know about know, so i have now plan to join and test this experience of atomic wallet , but every one is very much afraid about safty, so may i also use it for hive ,

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Please be very careful with 3rd party wallets since you own the keys to that wallet you need to keep ti safe, its great that there are now options to store tokens that's not the native wallet, so if hive goes down through its nodes you can use your ETH based wallet to move the tokens around.

I am not using the atom wallet.
Its good to know that the leo is expending to the more wallets which will ultimately attrack pople to the platform also.
Thanks for sharing..

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I do hope so the more wallet solutions tokens have the more legit they seem and taps into the user base of each wallet, since each wallet has an incentive to go get more users, you just piggy back on top of that :) Growing the network together