Is Anyone In Your Real Life In To Crypto?

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Sometimes I feel like I'm living in some type of crypto dreamland. I've been more or less obsessed with the steem/hive/leo dream for a couple of years but I had an interesting conversation with a friend last night.

They were asking me Bitcoin was a Ponzi scheme and I thought to myself where could this person have been all this time, and is the norm?

But honestly in real life, meaning the people that I see and talk to on a consistent basis and not necessarily people you only know on social media and never hang out with, I only know one person that is into crypto.

It's a person I grew up with and he's really into crypto but nobody else that I know in my personal life participates in the game in any way.

There was one girl from college that made some type of post and shared her coinbase referral link on Facebook about a month ago but that's about it from my network.

So I'm wondering if the people in your real life are into crypto and if they even know that you are. And if they know, do they think you're crazy?

I keep mentioning in posting and comments that I'm feeling like I'm on the sidelines of this whole movement because I don't have any Fiat to invest and I'm only working to earn here on the hive blockchain. But that doesn't seem to be the case because while Bitcoin is making real news in mainstream media nobody that I know is investing.

So when they say if you have 0.2 Bitcoin you will end up in the top 1% Bitcoin holders they might actually be right.

What do you think about this?

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I know some people who have dabbled in crypto. I know one big time holder and an early investor. Some of my friends have toyed with crypto because they're interested in the tech. But they do not fully appreciate the value proposition of Bitcoin or even Ethereum. As a result, they are going to be left behind provided that they have told me the truth about their holdings. Last time I talked to a friend of mine about crypto a year and a half ago who was one of those guys who had checked out Ethereum, he said he did not believe in the "crazy" predictions made by the s2f modelers. One guy who was not in the space at all said BTC had no intrinsic value because it did not produce a cash flow.

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Most people around me are either into crypto or very close to entering the space ( and many of them thanks to me ). I think it really depends on the place where you're living. The last 2.5 to three years, I've spent in a small town region in Portugal where many freedom seeking individuals move to. Most of them are pretty open minded and, in a way, escaping the system, so that makes the shift to crypto a fairly small one. From my three siblings, only my twin sister is into crypto ( thanks to me helping her out with it ), my parents aren't and nor are my brother and sister who live in The Netherlands. They make decent money and aren't interested. I gave up trying to convince them a long time ago.

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It is a shock that more people are not but know about Bitcoin. The mainstream did a good job for years making crypto to be a scam by drug lords but we clearly know this is not true.

I have a few people I know who own some Bitcoin but not much more than that. I do think 2020 made more people aware of how they need to control their own financing so it has made more people look at crypto.

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I do have a couple of friends involved in crypto but not too many...

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Well, I have been able to convert some of my friends into crypto enthusiasts. It was not easy. It took the bull run to convince some of them to give it a chance.

In my sphere crypto adoption has been significant. A lot of young people are into crypto and it is pleasant to see.

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i have 2 friends involved but they just got now after i am telling them about cryptos for 4 years

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