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RE: #AskLeo - What is your motivation?

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My motivation has a name:

Her name is Daniela, three years ago she came into my life giving me a new world, full of joy and colors. This little girl is the one who makes me get out of my bed every day and pushing me like a little motor that drives me to get ahead, to decline and fight every moment.
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My other motivation is Maritza, she is my mother, she is my warrior, the one who has taken care of me, she has been my friend and companion, she has always been with me through good and bad ... Always what I most desire for her is the best , that is why every day I strive to provide better stability ...

Thanks to these two people I go forward every day, thanks to leofinance and what they make life in them to their users and curators for contributing that grain of sand that I need every day to get ahead ...

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Thank you Celimar for stopping by. Daniela will be so proud of her mother in 20 years and the fight she had to give her the best there is, despite the hard situation in your country!

I hope that it will get better soon and you can live a normal life as everyone is supposed to.

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