Top 10 Ways to Earn Leo

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LeoFinance and it's associated token LEO are on fire. The development team continues to impress with the continual improvements. As such, we are all looking for ways to earn more LEO.

Here are my thoughts on some of the best ways to earn LEO.


Blogging, and posting to LeoFinance in particular, is by far the best way to earn LEO. Many posters are able to earn 100s of LEO on their posts. Due to recent changes to the curation algorithm (one of those improvements the development team made I mentioned) even new bloggers are able to earn respectable earnings on their posts.


The new curation algorithm has made it possible to earn much more on comments. The change in the algorithm was intended to encourage more engagement and it has really succeeded. Because now an upvote is an upvote, upvotes on comments are worth more to the commenter and the upvoter. As such, comments and comment upvotes have increased dramatically on LeoFinance.


Curating, or upvoting, is an easy way to earn LEO. You will need to have some staked LEO before your votes matter. I believe the curation rate is close to 0.001 LEO per 10 LP. The more you stake the more LEO you earn when you give out upvotes.

While on the subject of curation, I should mention that the value of your upvote isn't dependent on when you upvote or how much the post has earned as long as it is made during the first 7 days the post is live..


This is one that came from the comments. You can delegate your LP and earn a return on your delgated power. This isn't something I've got spare LP to do yet, so I'm not sure of the ROI.

Rent Your HP

You can lease your HP at ( Terms range from a few days to months. I may look more into this once I start running out of other ways to earn LEO.

Staking LEOM

LEOM is a miner token for LEO. By owning and staking LEOM, you have a chance to earn LEO every day. The more LEOM you stake, the more LEO you will mine. A recent post I saw estimated the ROI around 23%.

Playing HIVE Games

There are a number of games that you can play to earn HIVE based tokens. Players can convert their game earnings to LEO in LeoDex with no trading fees. Note, most games will require some initial investment to get started. I look at it like buying a video game except these games can pay for themselves many times over.

Two of my favorite HIVE based games include -


Splinterlands is a fun card battle game that allows players to earn DEC and free cards. I have been playing for a little more than one month and have already recouped my initial investment.


DCity is a city building simulation game where players can earn SIM. I have just started playing this game, but am very interested in it because it is more of a passive earning game. I will probably drop some HIVE into getting a city started.


There are a number of ways to earn HIVE and other TOKENS by performing simple tasks.

#hivetasks is one such way. #hivetasks is currently working to spread the news about HIVE on other social platforms like Twitter. By simply replying to censorship related tweets including #hivetasks and #hivefixesthis, users can get a 1 HIVE tip once per day. Be sure to check on the current task

I'm interesting in creating a list of tasks that earn HIVE and LEO so if you have any you want to share, please drop them in the comments below.

Contests and Competitions

There are hundreds of contests on HIVE ongoing at any time. Some are very easy to enter while some may require some effort to participate. Searching for #contest and #contests are good ways to find current and ongoing contests.

Do you have a favorite contest you participate in or run? Drop it in a comment below. I plan to create a post on contests and can add them to my lists.

I Need More Ways to Earn LEO!

I know there are more ways to earn LEO. Please drop a comment with your favorite way to earn LEO. All comments are encouraged and appreciated.

The Cryto Oracle

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Image source: Screen snips for games, and Hive Blockchain for LeoFiannce.


Great information!

While it's true that LEOM (and LEOMM) gives you mining rewards, it's not really an option I would recommend for anyone who's not interested in buying a lot of miners. The competition for the mining rewards are fierce and you would probably need hundreds of miners to have a somewhat decent shot at seeing some mining rewards.

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I’ve only have a few miners and I get some rewards every once in awhile. I think I have 30-40.

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It looks like you have 38 LEOM's in total and that you got mining rewards 3 times during the last 24 hours. Thanks for sharing that. That should give us a rough estimation on what one can expect.

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Wow that's way more more rewards than I thought I was getting. I also swagged that miner guess so 30-40 was pretty accurate.

Where did you find that information?

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Truly appreciated, as a noob like me I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

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Glad you liked it. Good luck, I'm still pretty much a newbie too. There is SO much to Hive and its associated dapps.

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That's what I'm going to do with my DEC. Turn it into LEO. Good idea!

Yes, I've been using Splinterland to earn HIVE. I'm not planning on pouring much into the game. I do want to upgrade a summoner at some point but most of my DEC is going to get my DCity up and profitable. I like playing Splinterlands but I love passive earning and it looks like DCity can provide that.

The great thing is that on your LEO posts you can also earn Hive rewards and those liquid rewards can be converted to LEO. You convert HBD to Hive on the market or using then deposit on @LeoDex and place a buying order. You can also sell some of the other tokens and exchange them for LEO.

As mentioned before another way is thourgh Wleo.

Another way to earn could be by selling NFTs on @Nftshowroom. That way you can earn swap.hive and convert it to LEO.

Hmmm another way that I have seen but haven't tried is delegating LeoPower to @leo.voter. This one is useful if you don't have time to curate yourself.

And finally the last idea that I have is powering down some of your curations rewards on Hive and exchange them for LEO. Might not be the best idea, but it's an option.

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Hmmm another way that I have seen but haven't tried is delegating LeoPower to @leo.voter. This one is useful if you don't have time to curate yourself.

You actually delegate Hive Power and get LEO in return. As I have stopped using and basically stopped curating content without the leo or leofinance tag, I have delegated my HP to leo.voter. I get about 0.650 LEO for 2900 delegated Hive.

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Ohh nice! I did not know that I thought it was only for delegating LEO. Thank you for the info.

I thought the same thing when I came across it the first time. :)

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Thinking about it, it's a great way to support LEO, because they will have to buy LEO using the curation rewards and therefore increase the value of the LEO token. I will delegate some HP soon.

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I actually don't know exactly how it works, but yeah.. That sounds about right.

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That is absolutely AWESOME! I'm glad you posted that. I was in the process of down-powering my HIVE to move to Leo. I can skip the 13 week waiting period and just go ahead and delegate it instead! Genius!

Good point,
You earn hive also for publishing on Leofinance, as your blog is also published on Hive. Which means an additional stream of income to cash out or power up and delegate to Leo voter to obtain votes on your posts on Leofinance.

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I wonder how you missed Delegation. That is a great passive way to get some income out of your staked tokens.

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Whoops. I sure did... thanks for noting that.

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What about WLEO?

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Can you earn w/ WLEO? I thought it just helped with liquidity. I will have to read more.

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Ypu're right but if you play your cards right isn't possible that you earn more LEO by participating in the WLEO pool?

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People have already mentioned delegating to leovoter and staking in the WLEO liquidity pool, but how about writing articles for leopedia? It's kind of the same as blogging, but you will get some nice upvotes if something is up to standard, you just have find the right niche.

Buying SPI tokens (@spinvest) or Bro tokens is another way.

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Awesome, did not know that.

SPI and BRO tokens?
Do you have a link you can share?

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I can tell you the accounts -

@spinvest for spi and @brofund for bro, I think - you'll see various people talking about them on trending from time to time.

Although personally I'd just hold out for the LBI tokens in December.

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Nice to see my favorite game Dcity in the list. :-)
You could take a look at Cryptobrewmaster as well, although it doesn't come close to Splinterlands and Dcity imho.

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I may be Captain Obvious here but did I miss the wLEO Uniswap LP V2? That would be one of the best ways to earn LEO...if you have the extra resources to provide liquidity. 👍🦁

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Thanks, yeah, a couple others suggested that. I don't have the resources at the moment since ETH fees are so high I would think you would have to wrap up a bunch of LEO at once to avoid getting eaten alive by the fees. Good for the those who have the resources for sure!

Ahh. Comments weren't showing and I had to switch nodes. Fees can definitely get you and they make small positions unprofitable. I wouldn't recommend wLEO with less than $250 to start. That's on the very lowest side.

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interesting. keep inspiring us

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Well, you may want to consider adding ETH-WLEO pair in the uniswap pool to take advantage of those LP benefits.

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I think both you and the people commented got everything covered so i will only say good luck start earning!

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I remember getting 70 Leo a day delegating 25,000 hive no I am at 27,000 and earning 6-7 Leo a day talk about. Massive reduction. But still delegating Hive does bring in more profit.

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Are you saying delegating HIVE brings a higher return than delegating LEO?

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i'd love to see the build team support LEO leasing in the future that would be freaking awesome

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Good list @captaincrypto. Thanks for that.

I wasn't able to find anything about Hive Tasks though. takes me to empty blog. Same if I click on #hivetasks. What am I missing?

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Very informative and interesting post. Thanks

This is a very good list, and I learned some additional ways to earn Leo, so thank you.
You can also earn Leo by being a liquidity provider on Uniswap, where by depositing both WLeo and ETH in the WLEO-ETH trading pair you earn 15%vof the daily Leo reward pool.

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I'm new and this legit helped a lot seeing as there isn't really a welcome page! Thanks!!

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