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I am really starting to think that keeping a ticker open on one of my screens all day is starting to be a bad idea. As many people commented on my post yesterday, it is probably just a better idea to keep that out of sight and out of mind for a couple of weeks...

It was basically another slap in the face this morning with prices down about 15% for some of my favorite tokens. Doom and gloom is just part of the deal. I am starting to accept that and doing my best to just go about my life.

This lengthy pullback would be much easier to stomach if I had just learned a little earlier about putting money into stables as I mentioned in my post last week. It is really surprising how quickly we can go from flying high to being entrenched in a bit of a downturn.

Looking back at the title, the focus of this post is supposed to be positive, not negative. Things that I am excited about and continuing to invest in especially now that things are down a bit.

So here we go...



It should go without saying that I am bullish on Hive. There is so much good stuff going on here lately. Communities are thriving, posts and engagement is down a bit, but I think that is more seasonal than a result of the current markets. We have a hard fork around the corner that should shift a large emphasis to manual curation. Just ignore the price (especially this morning), I think there is a lot to be excited about here...


On the same token, Leo goes hand in hand with Hive for me. The Leo front end is what I use to post 90% of the time and the majority of my engagement happens here as well. The team is solid, the fundamentals are solid, they have delivered time after time, and there are still some more great things coming down the pipe. I never would have imagined I would be so involved in a finance community, but here I am, posting and learning pretty much every day.


I still think that WAX is severely under valued at just $.14 this morning. Even if the NFT market has settled down, WAX is in a position to thrive even after the initial hype is gone. They have a thriving market place with a user base and transaction count that dwarfs all other NFT platforms combined. I can think of at least three games off the top of my head that are seeing rapid development and have the potential to go mainstream. There is a ton to love here. The price is a steal and I really think that WAX should be a $1 + token.


I don't have a lot to say about this one, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention CUB. I was investing pretty much from day 1 (although not as heavily as some). It may not seem like it right now, but I think the work that the team has put in on the backend will pay off eventually. The fact that it is a trusted team with a proven track record will pay off in spades as other DeFi platforms fall by the wayside. While front ends pop up and disappear, the CUB team is continually improving and fine tuning their product. We will see CUB above $1 again no question.


Finally, I am going to end with AVA. I was markedly late to the game on this one. I am talking three hours late after the train had already left the station... I started moving funds into this token only when it was near the ATH over $5. Talk about a kick in the gut seeing it sitting at ~$2.50 right now. Despite all of that, I think AVA still has a ton of room for growth. Especially as Covid restrictions continue to ease and people set their sites on doing more travel. There are so many payment options with Travala that it should appeal to crypto and non crypto holders alike. The partnership with one of the Expedia corporate divisions should yield huge payoffs for them in the future. Likewise, as @spinvest and I discussed the other day, AVA could be a good alternative to stable coins. Moving gains into the AVA token and staking could be a smart move when we finally hit a true bear market and you are ready to do some travel.


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At the time prices are going down you should try to gather even more 😊
As you said; the tokens you mention have a high chance on going up again in a while.

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Yeah, I think most of them have at least one really good run ahead of them.

I don't know but I kind of lost my love for WAX recently with Rplanet changing the Aether pools. I am thinking of just staking all my WAX and let it grow over time. Do you know if voting rewards continue to stack?

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Yeah, I am pretty sure they do. I would move them out of your wam account and into a .waa one though. That way you hold the keys. I think a lot of people got into WAX for the wrong reasons. The entitlement mentality got worse with the whole rplanet thing.

I'll have to do that eventually but I never got around to making my own wallet. I just tend to use the cloud wallet (wam).

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Solid post on crypto/finance/investment related things :-)

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Thank you!

I agree on all of them, maybe not CUB as I'm still dubious about that given the extreme competition in the DEFI space.

I just got into Wax myself, have a good feeling about that one.

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Yeah, there is a lot of competition. I think eventually the track record of the team will move it to the top of the pack.

O believe we're a bit above halfway to ATHs for this cycle. Many melted faces who sold we'll have in a couple of months from. Whatever we have now doesn't feel like a peak at all.

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I hope that is the case. I am pretty much ready for the bear market, but hoping for a continuation of the bull one.

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In 2 or 3 years, we will be laughing at these levels. Besides, on a long chart over the long term, it will look like a minor blip.

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Good solid list! Liking it all and yes don't keep a ticker open. Honestly I hate the fact that we convert crypto to USD to give it "value" what you should be really watching is now much crypto tokens you're stocking up on. Watch that number instead it's much more motivational!!

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That sounds like a really good idea and it makes a lot of sense from a psychological point of view. Thanks for the tip!

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Can't wait until the CUB dens start earning some BNB hopefully that will provide some support for the price of CUB.

Also did I hear there will be an airdrop (on Matic) based on CUB holdings?

There will be an airdrop of some kind, I am not sure exactly what it is on.

As for the prices, load up when they are down. That is the path to enormous wealth.

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I had not heard about that. That would be pretty sweet though. I just got involved in MATIC the other day.

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Ya, Cub's sister platform will be launched on Ploygon soon... CUB holders should get some kind of airdrop, no official announcement, but hinted at in the AMA.

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That is awesome news! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for that!

Nothing to be upset about. This is commonplace in crypto. Are you expecting pullbacks not to happen? I would say that is not dealing with reality. All bull markets have pullbacks and the ones in crypto tend to be fierce.

Those who allow market activity to dictate their emotional state are subject to becoming bi-polar in their mood swings. The inability to emotionally/psychologically deal with the market is something that separates those who succeed from those who do not.

It is like a professional baseball player going apehit or getting depressed after striking out. What would people think if that happened? They would find it absurd because it is part of the game. As is missing shots in basketball and hockey.

In markets, pullbacks and bears are part for the course.

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This is my first one, so it is all very new to me :) I get what you are saying though. After so many years of ho hum, the previous highs were pretty exciting. Now it is just back to the ho hum for a while.

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The highs will return it is just a matter of when. We might be on a downward slide for a while. It happens.

Just like a power hitter eventually breaks the slump and starts hitting HRs, crypto bulls eventually come back. Right now there is a lot of manipulation since the market cap is so small.

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Yeah, the manipulation is certainly a bit of a downer.

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Only if you dont expect it. Few believe the markets to be pure and clean. There is a ton of manipulation. Cant let it eat you up. They are dropping the price to buy more...keep that in mind.

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I am also very bullish on HIVE, with so many good projects coming out lately. But most of my money is tied up with the IRON-USDC pool on MATIC and it is really unfortunate that I cannot take advantage of these prices. Getting more HIVE would have been nice but alas.

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I need a good pool to get into over on MATIC. I am looking to get some decent gains somewhere...

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IRON-USDC pools on are really good right now. IRON is a coin that tries to be pegged to 1 USD and be a stable coin. At the moment it has a 1.01% daily APR. But do not take my word for it and do your own research.

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Thanks for the info. I have been doing Polycat.

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I had not seen the LEO and HIVE prices until you mentioned them, it really is very discouraging to see things like this, but everything that is happening around us is giving us very good signs that something incredible is coming.

I also have chips that are worth half of what I bought them for and it is very disappointing, but there are no good times before there are bad times.

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Yeah, I think things will turn around eventually. We just need to be patient and wait it out.

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I agree but I wouldn't stop anyone from buying at this point I would tell them however you could get a better price sooner in the short term either way now or later I believe they'll see gains and we'll see more profits again

Yeah, I think there are likely a lot of people that are picking up some right now. Probably the best bet would be to dollar cost average over the next week or two. If they are concerned about the price moving a lot.

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That goes with any asset, crypto stocks, gold anything


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I agree I don't think that was the dip man I've learned a bit about charts and what I'm seeing is lows too close together most the time it doesn't bottom that way

This is exactly the correct philosophy right now, get your mind off the short-term swings and focus on the future. There's so many positive things going on in crypto right now, mainstream adoption (on levels we never dreamed of a few years ago) is happening right before our eyes.

Yeah, it is pretty exciting and nuts all at the same time. If you had told me big businesses would be adopting crypto and even governments I probably would have laughed. Sure they all talk a big game, but they are actually putting their words into action now.

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This is well beyond what I expected this early in the game as well, especially in terms of government adoption. It's a real way for second/third world nations to leap ahead of first world ones.

Yeah, it makes me a little sad when I see all of these small countries adopting standards and reasonable regulations for crypto and then here we are just twiddling our thumbs. Worse yet just talking about creating committees to talk about what to do with cryptos.

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The wheels of our country turn so very slowly, that sometimes has its upside but it could very well also be its demise.

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