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RE: #AskLeo - What car would you want to buy with crypto?

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I would like some kind of old muscle car as well. Probably a Plymouth Barracuda or a Ford Galaxie. If I couldn't get one of those I would probably buy an Audi with my crypto, but I think @slobberchops already beat me to that in real life! Unless he was just pulling our leg!

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I got a Ford in the end. Not as exciting but the Audi I had my eye on had no service history and @goblinknackers talked me out of it (he's into his luxury cars). It is almost brand new with only 1600 miles. Not exactly a crypto-car but maybe a 20% one.

WHAT! No way. Well, I hold Ford stock so I can't really complain to much I guess. That sounds really similar to my wife's Buick we bought. Very low miles and no previous issues.

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The thing is I'm stuck inside and can't go out due to lockdown crap. Got the car Tuesday and it's had just one run out. I guess it is destined to have have low mileage!

You can't even go for a drive during lockdown? That is crazy.

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We can..., but it's supposed to be for essentials. Taking a trip to the local Costa for a coffee is not exactly essential, but as Costa is open.. it seems a legitimate venue. Do you have Costa over there?

No, not that I know of. I am not a big coffee drinker anyway. I'd rather have tea! My state actually just opened up dining in person again. They are limited to 25% capacity and they have a 10 PM curfew though. It will be interesting to see how the Lenten fish fries handle all of this.

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