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RE: Looking to hire 5 people from LeoFinance community.

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Pretty simple imo. There needs to be structure to the onboarding. Earning crypto isn't always the factor. Tapping into a new audience could be a main driving force for someone to join and use hive.

The onboarding sucks and it's complicated. Because of that each person pretty much has to be hand held through the process of setting up the account, not losing keys, how to use keys the right away, buying hive to power up and create an influence within the community, connecting with people that will support their posts at first, how to use the platform etc. There's a lot of barriers to entry for new people on hive.

Last stats report I saw we pushed something like 3,000+ new accounts created last week with about 5% 10% increase in unique people transacting on the chain. THAT'S A LOW Conversion which needs help.

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There's a lot of barriers to entry for new people on hive.

Can't agree more!

As an entrepreneur, I get excited about all the problems that HIVE has.

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