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RE: The Most Boring Form Of Crypto Investing

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I honestly don't get how people day trade lol The buy and HODL has worked wonders for me over the years. When it seemed like everything was over last year and the stock market crash I did what I told myself I would do the next time that happened and I BOUGHT and held on to what I had.

The outcome of that... Big gains not in just dividends but also the value of the stocks.

Not all where wonders of course one of them even filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy but that's where spreading your wealth across many sectors helps so you can take that hit when it comes (hopefully it never does)

Same for crypto, Just yesterday I sat back and looked at when I got into Crypto by looking up a domain name I registered a few months after I got started. That was 2013! I couldn't believe it's been about 8 years since I fight started getting bitcoin blew my mind!

Dollar cost averaging is also a smart play, I do the same but also hold some in reserve for when flash crashes happen or flash gains happen in crypto which we all know happens a lot! Keep stackin and spreading the knowledge!

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Yeah I admit it, when things dip I always try to scoop up a few extra....But for me, DCA is just...Easy to understand.

I'll never been smart enough to time the market....So I just buy and hold lol

8 years lol Unreal it's been that long...But it goes quickly for sure.

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