How To Get Your Cake (Pancake - Syrup) and Bread New CUB

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Kingdoms are here and with it a huge transition of CubDeFi to moving all Dens and Farms over to the new Kingdoms Format.

*The information in this article may not be 100% correct and is subject to change.


What are DeFi Kingdoms

Kingdoms combines CUBDeFI with other DeFi projects. In the example below we will be going over one of the easier to understand Kindoms which is CAKE (Pancake) or Pancakeswap.

By combining both platforms and auto compounding the investment at a rate of 4,200 per year or about 11-12 times per day the compounding factor not only earns you the native token CUB but also the token investing which in this case would be CAKE.


This screenshot is from the current Kingdom and of course APY, APR and other numbers within it are subject to change.

As we can see the total APY as of right now for the CAKE kingdom is 149.69% of which 22.84% is paid out in the form of CUB and the rest paid out in CAKE.


How Does This Benefit Cub?

The more CUB burned via transaction fees the less CUB in circulation and thus one of the aspects which increases tokens value. The other aspect is the total TVL invested within the CUB system as the most invested the more fees bouncing around in the system. This goes for exchanges and swaps as well as LeoBridge which allows you to take ERC-20 tokens and easily convert them into BEP-20 tokens.

All of these transactions add up in value and I believe it's changed to 100% CUB burn with no bLEO burn moving forward.

Farms CUB-BNB and CUB-BUSD will remain as is but all others and Dens will be migrating over to a auto compound format to mimic what is happening within Kingdoms.

There are still a number of major updates to come and changes to the platform all which are sounding promising to provide stability but also value to others in terms of tools they can use in the case of LeoBridge. (BTW Ethereum fees are now just $6 compared to what they use to be hopefully we didn't miss the boat on that one)

For full updates on this so far check out this article with more details

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Does this mean I need to remove my LP from the Farms and CUBS from the Den, and restake them in Kingdoms? Is the bLEO-BNB farm ending??

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I don't believe so. Either it will become dead with no earnings and you can withdraw it or it will simply make the move itself when they update it. I don't have the full details on that you'll need to follow LeoFinance for the in's and outs first my updates are normally a bit older once I get things figured out for myself.

Interesting... I don't have much in there, but I thought bLEO-BNB was the safest pool to be in because of the @lbi-token project. I will have to do some reading this week and try to determine what I want to do. I have had issues with Metamask the past week which is a concern.

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I don't think it is. Being that both BNB and LEO prices can swing wildly. Safest to me would be a stable coin value CUB-BUSD for example. But really DENs are being that you put it in earn cub and can withdraw the same amount of token you put in minus the fee. But that's why earnings on those are so low as they kind of just sit there and provide liquidity.

I stacked LP in CUB-BUSD and then started filling up the Den, am I suffering loss if I don't compound more CUB-BUSD LP, and just keep minting CUBs for the den? Or is this a smart thing to do? I appreciate the discussion, I know this isn't financial advice. Will I just lose value, or have a got a CUB minting machine spinning here?

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You're not losing anything by doing it that way. You could potentially make more by compounding it back into the CUB/BUSD as the APY is definitely much higher, but you would also either be selling some CUB to get the BUSD or putting in more money by coming up with the BUSD to match the CUB you're adding.

Personally, I'm doing almost the same thing you are. I've got some in all three farms and I usually harvest it and put it in the Den and just keep building my CUB position that way. I think at some point the CUB price will start to rise and when that happens, I'll want as much in the Den as possible. At that point, I'll have the flexibility to move some of that now much more valuable currency into other farms if I want. Or even sell a little into other Kingdom currencies to take advantage of new or more diverse products. MATIC/POLY for instance....

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Thank you i appreciqte your feedback. I am content to keep harvesting and piling Cubs in the den, with the hope that eventuaoly the price will rise. I am trying to keep the fees down so only harvesting every 81-140 hrs. Optimal harvest time changes slightly, but my main concern is Metamask vulnerability.

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Great to see the auto compounding kingdoms! I wouldn't mind DCA'ing into the cake kingdom in the future.

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Yay! 🤗
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Slowly but surely #CubDefi is taking shape. Being able to farm all this early Cub is really going to pay dividends down the road I think. Both figuratively AND literally.

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We are loving Cub Kingdoms and can’t wait to see more come along! We are loaded up in the BNB/BUSD with a small amount also in Cake. Great post! Reblogging for the audience!

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This will be my next investment.

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Wow, Eth fees are down real low! I'm loving this pancake syrup.

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Watching this and trying to understand more how all of this works. These things are not like you set it and forget it.