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RE: LeoFinance: Do You Vote Up All of Your Commentors?

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I’m with you, I try really hard to use my hive power to help others get their payouts on here.

I sometimes run into issues being in a group where my voting power isn’t supposed to drop below a certain level. Then I have to give smaller percentage votes.

I’m planning on staying in the group and getting some hive engine tokens to gift people with when my voting power gets low. Hopefully they’ll understand


whats the group? The vote multiplier tool in the leodex solves that problem. For example, I have mine set to 10 which means I put my slider at 10% when I'm doing my leo votes. It multiplies my leo vote by 10 and gives out my 100% value but only reduces my hive power by a 10%. It's brilliant.

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It’s a telegram group called backscratcher. But I like that, I need to find that tool and mess around with the settings.

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