Hive Dolphin Journey Update 🐬

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I’ve been making a bigger push to try to grow my account to dolphin status (5k Hive Power), and today I hit a milestone...

I reached 3K Hive Power WHOOP WHOOP!!! 🙌🏾

These milestones are coming by faster and faster, I’m pretty excited about my journey through the 3K HP’s...

My plan is to keep learning and trying new things on my path to gaining the next 500 HP and reaching the 4K mark.

Lately I’ve been trying different things with my content and just sharing things that I’m learning, doing, and experimenting with.

It’s made for a lot of fun and stress free content making and I’m definitely going to continue with those vibes moving forward.

My biggest thing that I’m looking to improve on is my media and graphics.

Thumbnails, memes, and gif. I love sharing them almost more than I like sharing blog post but I’ve don’t know how to make any of them.

So I’m gonna take on the challenge of learning how to design some halfway decent graphics for my content.

Overall just happy to see continued growth with this account. Hopefully I’ll be swimming with the Hive dolphins soon... 🐬


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Congratulations on reaching your 3k HIVE! It is a very expressive number and the journey to 5k is now getting closer and closer.

This only motivates me even more to want to reach Dolphin status later this year. Success on your journey!

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Thanks for the support man! I’m glad I get to connect with people like yourself who are on the same journey!

Keep doing great thing out here man. Glad we can motivate each other 🙏🏾

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That's it! Lets grow together!

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Congratulations @bigtakosensei and I wish that you become a Dolphin (and more) really soon! 😺

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