The prize of hive

in LeoFinance2 months ago

Namaskar/Hello to all my hive/ Leofinance friends Hope you all are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying a lot with your family members and loved ones.

From past few day I am continuously been following the prize of the Hive in the market But haven't seem any great pump in past days but from yesterday night there was a pump in the hive prize that was great to see the price pumping

as you can see the graph below.It was at 0.18 USD at the highest and its lower to 0.16 USD. The prize are been not stable today the graph below will show you.


Maybe we all have to wait for few more days to see the stable prize of hive. you can see the difference in graph below which shows the pump in the hive rates in past week.


thanks a lot for being here this is my daily hive prize report I don't know for how much time I can keep this but I will try to be here with my daily hive report lets see what will happen.



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