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Ethereum set a new all time high that is marginally higher than the previous one, and just as expected, the noise in crypto space is higher than its ever been.


As the market grows bigger, more eyes will be focused on activities. The people that pump the value are short term FOMO investors who like to "play it safe". Scammers have also been very busy lately but that's a story for another day.

Anyway, this post is more of a note to myself; think of it as a reminder to encourage me and anyone reading this to remember that this is the time to build.

Despite all the moves in the market, Hive has been quite docile. Our very own governance coin doesn't seem to be interested in any serious movement. Slight variations between $0.125 and $0.14 don't really mean much in the general scheme of things. Anyway, I digress.

Now, the point of this is to remind you that we're building for the future and momentary gains don't matter much. If you want to play with a pump and dump coin, you can jump into Binance and pick any option there.

Hell, I like to play with all the DeFi ponzi shitcoins I see there as well. I've made a reasonable amount from buying and selling pumps and dumps of Link, DOT and one other one called REN. I have no clue what these coins represent or do, but they rise and fall, I sell and accumulate more.

The plan is to eventually stack up enough USDT for the incoming bear market. I don't know when it is going to be but whenever it does, I suspect that the market is going to be hit pretty badly.

If my gut is right and I can keep back like $1000 for that eventuality, I would buy up a healthy amount of Hive stake at dirt cheap price, stake it and start building an even bigger empire.

Anyway, just remember that while you take gains from the market, it is not just about today. Stay frosty out there and watch your backs and under your feet for any potential rug pull.

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Nice plan. Hives price inactivity is probably a signal that the real bull is yet to take off, this is just a pre bull,...are you far away from your $1k target?

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Not really. I'm just going dump a different coin and hold the USDT just in case. I'm.just nervous about selling now and missing out on the bull run but I'm also scared of missing out if this is THE BULLRUN

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Classic lol...I get you

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This is very nice plan and thanks for the advice about crypto. The current trend in the market can be linked to a lot of things and many nations and businesses are currently adopting crypto for payment.

The future is bright for all HODLers.

Yup. I'm focused on making long term plans to increase my holding

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Best of luck for your Hive plan...
Their will be a correction andnut will be the buying opportunity again to enter into market...


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The price of Hive is driving me crazy.

Maybe it could be worth trying to stack HIVE and LEO in equal parts?

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That's probably the right thing to do at this point. Keep the hive liquid as well.
I can't shake off the feeling that Hive is on the cusp of a breakout.
One other low market cap coin called vite that I hold has been rallying lately and if hive follows that pattern, getting to $1 range is a possibility

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