Like a sniper @leofinance witness has the Consensus spot insight ranking on 25th place

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I think about a week ago I was writing about the performance of the @leofinance witness and with the continued development in the space we are seeing it now climbing a new spot in the top. The Leo Finance community witness is ranking now on 25th place and the Consensus spot (first 20 witness) is insight and as close as ever. I am amazed how fast we are moving and gaining the trust of new or old members on the HIVE blockchain.


LEO Finance community witness is gaining votes on the Hive blockchain day after day and it strengthens its place and voice on this great ecosystem we all love to be on. The projects developed by the team while are specific to the crypto and finance space, they are expanding the effects also on Hive blockchain on which most of them are built on or which they are bridging towards. The simple onboarding brought to the space contributes to the blockchain growth and community strengthening while there are more features in the making.

Another aspect that I like about the LEO Finance team is that it goes where the money and the action is and with that it pulls also community members with it while always having insight the big picture. They like this space and they want to make it thrive so they are always seeking to new developments and ways to improve it. When @leofinance witness will be a Consensus Witness I believe they will have more tools at their disposals to influence change for the better on Hive. Time is money and we need to move at a faster pace to keep up with everything is done around us and we need people that are able to adapt fast to change and to even drive it. And I think this is where @leofinance proved its worth, it can open new roads and not fear to get into new domains.


The current ranking on 25th place is one that we should celebrate and along with it thanks for all those that have contributed so far. Beside these we can see that the next 2 places are quite close to the current MV votes, thus I believe we will be able to conquer those sooner rather than leader. Lets continue showing our support, lets continue spreading the work and lets make this a reality!

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Seriously happy to see this we need some shake up in those top witnesses if you ask me. A few of them seem to be a little power hungry and it's their way or no way. Best way to contribute more towards your vote for LEO witness it to get others involved but also staking more HIVE!

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When we will get to Top 20 we will showcase the others that they can do the same and those power hungry will need to rethink their involvement if they want to stay up there...

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It is important for everyone to power up their Hive and vote Leofinance as a witness.

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That's the key of the game and I like powering up HIVE as I see it as a long term investment. I like to move forward on parallel lanes with HIVE and LEO as that's the perfect combination and ensure growth of both ecosystems at once!

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It's something. When I first wrote about it it was on 33. The problem is many have sold their HIVE for LEO, hoping for a better return and unfortunately LEO doesn't count when voting for witnesses.

Participation in decision making requires HIVE.

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That is true and that is a reason for people to hold Hive. Most overlook the fact that governance is important.

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Governance is the most important use case for crypto assets. I am holding some governance Zilliqa and the price for those are over $500, it is quite crazy on the value they will hold. These are the real gems and people don't understand that yet, more to grab for those seeing the true potential!

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Nevertheless, we support both ecosystems and spread multi layer. Even if we move funds to LEO, there are others coming to the space. Myself I continue to grow both on HIVE and LEO, I support both of them and see a strong future!

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My HIVE stake is still the highest of all and will stay that way as it's important. I wish i could have the same stake in LEO, but not by sacrificing my HIVE. That is out of question.

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Scope like that on an AK.. hmm.

Leo is going up
that is good
I voted for leofinance

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