LEO Mining Tools & Report from 06-October-2020 | TODAY ROI 155.36% YEARLY Prediction 238.85%

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LEO Mining created a mechanism within the LEO ecosystem for passive rewards through the stake of LEOMM (LEO Mega Miner) and LEOM (LEO Miner) and letting them do their job. My mining investment and size is quite small - 120 LEOM - as I good grab some of them in the last days when the hype started. They still produce from time to time considering the low share from the total mining exploiting (LEOM Supply ~ 150,000 and LEOMM Supply ~ 15,000). The investment is quite profitable as beside the LEO mined, the price of the Miners increased as well which translates into ROI.


Any miner needs some tools to make his work easier, keeping his costs in place and checking the results. First of all we need to retrieve the LEO Mining transactions from the blockchain and we can do that by going to the following address and getting the data in JSON format.
Note: From the URL above you can tweak some parameters and if you are interested in other type of data you can replace some of them (For example get instead of mining_reward maybe author_reward).

From here on we need to interpret the data and make it more readable so we can do that with a JSON to CSV online converter like the one below. We simply paste the JSON from above and we should have the CSV results which we can import afterwards in Excel and make some summing operations or whatever filters we want to apply.

Now let's put it all together and see a summary from today 06-October-2020 with my LEO mining investment, the current returns and also the expected yearly yield. As LEO Miners supply was exhausted there isn't more investment to do in this, but rather collect the rewards and keep track of the results.
Note: The LEO:HIVE and LEOM prices are relative to Hive-Engine, even if there is a big gap between the demand and supply. Also the lower price was considered for calculations.

Having in mind the previous ROI 154.15% YEARLY Prediction 234.46% with the one from TODAY ROI 155.36% YEARLY Prediction 238.85% it results in a +1.21% today/+4.39% predicted. There is a small rise considering that the LEO:HIVE and LEOM prices are similar with the ones from last time, even if there is a gap on the Hive-Engine market between demand and supply. If that was to shrink the ROI would be greater.

Few key points about the LEO Miners from the last period:

  • The 120 LEO Miners are mining slow and stead (that's what I could buy from the market prior to supply to deplete)
  • The 120 LEO Miners have a good value on the market, more than doubled their value
  • There will be no liquidation of the LEO Miners any way soon as the provide a passive additional income. If the prediction keeps up those should ensure only from mining new LEOs a 88.85% ROI, which means 106.62 LEOs. Not bad at all!

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