LEO Mining Report from 26-September-2020 | TODAY ROI 139.75% YEARLY Prediction 205.8%

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There will be a time when people will say that they are coming from a cryptocurrency mining working-class background. And now we are paving the way for such history tales when we've started our journey to mine cryptocurrencies and one of them is LEO mining. Compared to other mining operations where you usually need to invest in a hardware rig and put the GPUs to mine blocks, decrypt them and get the magic tokens, LEO mining is at software level and mines based on a software algorithm. All you need to do is buy LEO Miners and stake them in order to get some return out of their work.

Here is an updated summary on 26-September-2020 with my LEO mining investment, the current returns and also the expected yearly yield. As LEO Miners supply was exhausted there isn't more investment to do in this, but rather collect the rewards and keep track of the results.


Few key points about the LEO Miners from the last period:

  • The 120 LEO Miners are mining slow and stead (that's what I could buy from the market prior to supply to deplete)
  • The 120 LEO Miners have a good value on the market, more than doubled their value
  • There will be no liquidation of the LEO Miners any way soon as the provide a passive additional income. If the prediction keeps up those should ensure only from mining new LEOs a 68.30% ROI, which means 82 LEOs.

All creation is a mine and every man is a miner.

Follow my mining journey and get inspired!

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Your stats are savouring. I hope many out there comes to the light of this understanding and get some LEOM and LEOMM while it's buyable.

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Much appreciated, I like to keep an eye on the financial figures from different investments or projects I am invested in. The LEO Miners were a novelty for me and I got a little bit late in the game, but at least I've succeeded to snap from the market 120 LEOM at capped price. I too believe the price is still low as I see them somewhere between 8 to 10 per HIVE or even more based on the LEO price which currently continues to increase.

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What are the requirements for mining LEO?

You need to buy LEOM (LEO Miner) or LEOMM (LEO Mega Miner) from LeoDex or Hive-Engine and stake them.

They were capped at a specific price - for example 1 LEOM = 2 HIVE - but after the supply got depleted, now there is open market for them and the prices are higher - 1 LEOM = 4.75 HIVE.

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Okay, thanks for the info.

I bought the leom four days ago, but just one day yesterday I staked it. When or how long LEOM giving mining result ?

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The chances of your miners finding LEOs is based on your total number of miners compared to the supply and it is hourly based. Each hour a number of miners will be rewarded with LEO tokens based on their participation and chances to find them.

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okay, thank you for the answer 😁