LEO Mining Report from 01-October-2020 | TODAY ROI 154.16% YEARLY Prediction 234.46%

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I have a small mine investment of about 120 LEO Miners and it seems that lately they didn't do any job, probably the only thing that they did was to eat and drink. This was somehow expected as the bigger miners are working harder and they have bigger chances to find the precious LEOs. But nevertheless it seems that today one of my miners found a rich river of precious stones and one of them brought some LEOs.


Here is an updated summary on 01-October-2020 with my LEO mining investment, the current returns and also the expected yearly yield. As LEO Miners supply was exhausted there isn't more investment to do in this, but rather collect the rewards and keep track of the results.


Having in mind the previous current and predicted ROI of TODAY ROI 139.75% YEARLY Prediction 205.8% with the one from today as of TODAY ROI 154.16% YEARLY Prediction 234.46% it results in a +14.41% today/+28.66% predicted. The rise was determined by the increase of LEO to HIVE price, increase of LEOM on the market and mining production of new LEO.

Few key points about the LEO Miners from the last period:

  • The 120 LEO Miners are mining slow and stead (that's what I could buy from the market prior to supply to deplete)
  • The 120 LEO Miners have a good value on the market, more than doubled their value
  • There will be no liquidation of the LEO Miners any way soon as the provide a passive additional income. If the prediction keeps up those should ensure only from mining new LEOs a 84.46% ROI, which means 101.34 LEOs. Not bad at all!

All creation is a mine and every man is a miner.

Follow my mining journey and get inspired!

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