Crypto Mythbusters - DCity $500 investment recouped after today's HIVE price spike

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On 26th of December 2020 I have started the challenge to invest $500 into DCity and see in how much time I would recoup my investment. This was my first goal as afterwards the city would provide a nice passive income and I can also upgrade it with the SIM income that will be paid out on a daily basis. While the SIM price decreased and there are some troubling economics in DCity, my investment timing at about $0.10 per HIVE proved crucial to see the light of my investment just after 2 months after today's HIVE price spike to $0.36.

My DCity structure from the beginning supposed a diversification of buildings that would ensure SIM income, but also harvesting some other secondary layer HIVE tokens. So here are the layers on which I have strategized my city.

  • Various buildings giving SIM income (base strategy)
  • Weed farms giving WEED income (additional income)
  • Stadiums giving ENTRY income used in Splinterlands tournaments to gain DEC and convert them to HIVE
  • Daily SIM income based on the city level

Even with a declining economy in the DCity I have succeeded so far to recoup around 1,340 Hive out of it (my initial investment was of 4,400 Hive). Even if the SIM income declined and the period to get the HIVE out of it now it increased, there is another angle that I have considered when investing in the game and that was an expected HIVE price improvement. And not that they HIVE priced spiked today at $0.36 which represents 360% from the buy in price of $0.10, I could execute the order and I've got all my initial investment back and also some dust that I have converted to some BNB tokens to use for DeFi.


This shows the mythbuster that my initial $500 investment is now back into my bank account and that DCity will be a source of passive income going further. My next move is to invest in few more building and improve my economics into the city while expecting to get afterwards a steady income out of it. The Daily income is motivating and by transactioning SIM and ther other second layer tokens should bring some more juice out of it. Thank you for following my journey until the end and hopefully this is an inspiration for others on how to invest in blockchain games, how to strategize and get the investment back and than enjoy a free ride with some nice daily income.

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I've been steadily buying new building cards every couple of days in order to increase my income and prepare for the third edition cards.

Knowing that the first edition cards will be discontinued aside from the market, may increase their value. So while things may look a little bumpy right now, I'm continuing to have fun and grow my city. Weed Dispensary's rock!

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Once we move to the 3rd Edition Cards I think the game will get the boost it is long waiting for. Hopefully new economic mechanics would be put in place in order to improve the falling SIM price.

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Happy that you got your investment back so soon! That is amazing!

How do you plan now? Reinvest all the income or have a split to it? I'm doing roundabout 50/50 and it is steady growing, but brings some income with it.

With the income I keep on buying LEO and other Hive universe tokens. When and if I reach my target, will go with the earnings also outside of it.

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First I need to do a deep analysis for my city and see what I can optimize and where to get most of the SIM.
Secondly I want to get at least 10k-20k holding in order to get also income for that.
Third i need to work the percentage that I am going to invest and that I am going to convert to HIVE - 50% looks good as you are doing, but I will need to put it down the paper and have it go through some math.

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when did you expect to have your 500$ back though?

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Initially it was planned for 3-4 Months and after the severe SIM price decline that moved to 6 Months. With the Hive price improvement I succeeded to cut that in 2 Months.

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With the Hive price improvement I succeeded to cut that in 2 Months.

ohh it turned out pretty good

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