Reached my dream of 10,000 Hive Power

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From the day I started my journey on Steem, I have been dreaming about this moment to reach at least 10,000 powered up a stake. I have written about this several times in the past, but today I'm delighted to share with you all that I have been able to finally reach my goal. This is some kind of goal that I actually set to myself. I know that I could have reached 10,000 HP long back even as soon as switching to Hive, but I had to invest in some more projects like Splinterlands and dCity.


To be honest, I was thinking that this would take some more time for me to reach this state. The transition from Steem to Hive blockchain helped in achieving this goal. I was able to sell my Steem assets and purchase Hive with that. Like I said above, I could have easily reached 10,000 HP long back but I didn't want to spend my liquid funds. Last time when the huge pump happened, I did not have enough liquid funds to make use of the opportunity.

Why is 10,000 Special for me?

During the early days when I joined Steem, the price of steem was around 5$, and I even watched it go till 7$. During those days votes from someone with over 10,000 SP used to be huge. I used to wonder that I have to grow and reach that level soon. Today after over 2 years, I was able to reach that dream, but my vote value may not be that much worth it because the price is nowhere near 5 or 7 dollars.



But we all know that Hive is still in its early stages and the world is slowly getting into cryptocurrencies. If there are some cool projects where people can invest their FIAT, I believe that the price of Hive tokens would increase drastically. But we cannot say anything for sure. I'm able to see only the potential here and that is one of the reasons why I stick with this platform even after seeing the price of the token go below 10 cents.

10,000 HP is very special for me and I will retain this HP forever. I don't have any idea of powering down in the near future and I'm going to stay invested with this Hive power and watch my portfolio grow.

My next steps

From the day I started my journey on Steem, I have spent a lot of money from my real world to invest in Steem. I even bought a big amount of Steem when the price was 5 dollars, 2.5 dollars, and then even at 1 dollar. I had big homes on this blockchain like everyone else and wanted to stay invested here. But recently some of my friends told me that I should also be taking some profit out from the Blockchain now and then.



Considering that, I'm planning to cash out a little bit of liquid HBD I get from this blockchain and make use of it for my other investments. I might even take a little to my real world to pay off some of the loans that I already have. It would only make sense if I cash out some of my earnings from this platform. If the price keeps dropping and in the worst-case scenario, if I don't take any of the profit outside, it may not be a good investment for me.

Diversified investment

Now that I have reached my short term goal of 10,000 Hive Power, I'm planning to diversify my investment on other tribe tokens and other cryptocurrencies for that matter. Till now my primary focus was only on Hive. I'm planning to hold a few other cryptocurrencies as well that would give me some good returns.



I guess I will also be continuing my investment in Splinterlands and dCity game or any other new game for that matter. I guess these games are some of the good investments that we can make on this platform to get some passive income for our time and efforts here. As the quote says that "We shouldn't put all the eggs in the same basket", I believe diversified investment will be a good thing to do.

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congrats bala ji

Thanks Burl. 🙂

Congratz bro!

Finally you achieve that goal!

Next goal: be triple dolphin!

yeah man, that 10K HP is gonna be worth $100,000 in real liquid BTC when Hive goes back to $8 and then past the $10 Pysch barrier and is seen as a decentralized social network like BTC, with our communities and hive mind nitrous sites as the REAL distributed network where people cant downvote etc etc

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Yes, bro. Thank you so much. Ya, I have to now work for my next goal. Most likely, I will start investing on other projects. I guess 10k should be enough for Hive.

Congrats man!
10k is a nice round number :)

Thanks @dalz. Yep it is a nice number. But it was indeed a long journey. 😀

Congratulations. Following suite, let's see if I can make a three figure mark this year.😇

Thanks, @rmsadkri. I guess with persistence, determination, and consistency everything is achievable. All the best. 🙂

Thank you for the reply 🙏

You are welcome. 😀

What's a 3 figure?

I was yet to earn 100 HP (not counting the delegation) while I commented on this post. I aspire to have 999 HP before the end of this year. Let's see.

Good job.

Today I reached 3000 HP. Hopefully I'll be catching up soon.

Wow, that's great. 3000 HP is also a good number. Keep going. Cheers!

Congratulations, man! That's a huge milestone!

Thank you so much @ph1102. It was indeed a long road. 🙂

Congratulations! That's a lot of work.

Thank you so much. 🙂

Wow! That's massive! Really happy for you. It's been a long time coming.

Yes, it was a long journey. Thank you so much @maxwellmarcusart. Cheers!

Congratulations :)
Now on the way to 20k eheh
Hug from Portugal 🇵🇹

Thank you so much. Ya hoping the next journey would be a little faster. Let's see how it goes. 🙂


Thank you so much. 🙂

Congrats bro.

Thanks bro. How are you doing? I didn't check out your posts for a long time. I guess you are also not posting regularly. We will talk soon. Stay safe bro. Cheers!

10,000 HP is very special for me and I will retain this HP forever. I don't have any idea of powering down in the near future and I'm going to stay invested with this Hive power and watch my portfolio grow.

Long-term thinking is a key part of a successful Hive plan. As it stands now, I plan to never power down. Not even if Hive moons since I’d it did, HP could be the resource for a great income stream.

Yes thats right. As this platform is all about Proof of Stake, having a good HP is the way towards good income. Thanks for your comments. Cheers !

This great bade bhai congratulations.👍
There are still ways to go for dreamers like you.
You will be a big whale soon 🤑🤸

Thank for the nice words Bhai. Everybody has a dream and I hope it all comes true some day. 🙂

you are always welcome bade bhai, your all wishes will come true in the future.

Thanks Bhai. Wish you the same as well. 🙂

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congratulations and hope you become ten times richer

Thank you so much @sayee. 🙂

Cool... 10 K is lot 😄👌
I hope you get soon 20 K now.

Hope so. Thank you so much. 🙂

Congrats for this wonderful achievement of 10k HP. It means alot and I can understand how happy you are

Yes, I'm very happy right now. Nothing like setting a goal and reaching that soon. It was indeed a long journey. 🙂

Congrats! There's nothing better than setting a long-term goal and reaching it.

Yes I now know that feeling. Hope my investment of time and money here turns out very well. 🙂

Congrats bro, All your power in action is making you rich each day 👍
Happy 10k power 😊

Thank you so much bro. 🙂

Congrats Bala!

Will you look into DeFi tokens?

Oh DeFi tokens. I heard it somewhere but haven't checked it out yet. Let's see. 😀