Powered up another 400 Hive today

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I was holding this Hive for a very long time. It was over 500 then I started buying some dCity cards with it. Today after thinking for a long time I went and hit the power up button. In this month, I guess this is my second power up. You will be able to see what I currently have in my account in the below image. It has always been a dream for me to hit 10,000 HP from the day one I started here. During the early Steem days when the price of Steem was very high, 10,000 SP used to be a great thing and that used to give so much value to the votes.


At least I wanted to achive that in terms of Hive Power if not for the value. Hope some day Hive will be one of the most used blogging platforms or a gaming platform here and that gradually pumps the price of Hive. Even if the price of Hive hits 1 dollars, my profile value would become 10,000 $. If the price of Hive hits 5 or 8 dollars like how it did 2 years back, I might achieve a financial independence and continue chasing my dreams and do things that I love the most.

But, these are just dreams and the price of Hive reaching 1$ itself can be a challenging thing again. But let's see we cannot predict anything in this crypto world. If the fortune is good, we will all be early investors getting a good profit when the price goes high. People who were dumping and cashing out now instead of staying invested would then worry about it.

I was actually holding this 500 Hive in my account waiting for a good opportunity to cash our or sell in the market for other crypto. The reason was because when the previous pump of Hive happened, I did not have enough liquid funds in my account and I missed opportunity. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to hold Hive in liquid so that when some miracle happens again, I would make better use of it instead of biting nails after that. But today I couldn't resist myself from powering up becuase there was another dream to hit 10,000 HP, that was calling me. Now I have decided that I will start holding some liquid Hive after I hit my target of 10,000 HP which I think can happen in another 1 months time.


After powering up, I went to Hivestats.io to check how the graph looks like. It was indeed interesting to see the growth of my account especially in the last 30 days. I might have to do another power up or accumulate some Hive to reach my target. Recently I have also been investing really hard on dCity game. The game requries huge investment to stay on track. If we don't invest effectively, we would get pushed to the bottom and there would be any decent returns from the game. Most of the people are also doing the same thing and the competition gets tougher day by day. After reaching 10,000 HP, my focus would go more on dCity game and Splinterlands to make sure I have a good collection over there to keep the show running.

Finally while I completed drafting this post, I also came across @uyobong 's post that explains the importance of powering up. I agree with all his points. As this is a proof of stake platform, having a nice stake can only make us get rich. Staying invested is the key.

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I am sure you will hit your goal very soon


Thank you so much @slackerman. 😀

@tipu curate

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Thank you for the curation 🙏

Awesome I think in one more month you will get to your Dream of 10K HP

Funny. 10k was my goal too.

You are doing really great. I believe it is not going to be too far for you as well. Go for it. 👍

Yes eagerly waiting for it. Even now with the liquid funds here and there I can come up with 500 Hive and power up. But I'm going to be a little more patient to achieve it in the next month. 😀

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Wow that's nice. My article count is increasing. At my current rate I create a minimum of 720 post in one year. Good to see the count growing. 👌

Well done @bala41288! Keep up the good work!
cheers, liz

Thanks Liz. 😀

Good decision!
It's really nice to see how you growth in past months on hive blockchain!
Good luck on your way to be double dolphin, you can do that soon!

Thank you so much. Cheers !

You'll touch 10k soon.

Yes, bro. I guess one more month and I will be there. After 10k I'm going to plan on diversifying my investment in Crypto. But let's see. 😀

Congrats bro, the liquid to power thoughts are so tempting 😜
In 2018, I had invested $800 in steem and powered up while the price was $0.80, from then it was a great dip down the valley, so my first idea is to redeem it and paralleling my growth here. The recent spike of hive price was one good opportunity, and like many, I didnt have much liquid hive. So will keep some liquid and start growing power then.

And your first step of dream 10k will be achieved soon 👍
Congrats 😊

Yes it's always better to get your investment back and then grow your profit from there on. I have never invested anything on Steem or Hive, just the time and energy

Yes, bro the same here. I also invested around $600 when the price was around 2.5$ per steem. After that, I kept on investing and the price kept dropping. I stopped investing only after I realized that it is not a good idea until I get my investment back. After reaching 10k, I'm planning to focus on diversifying my investment and at the same time, I might as well look forward to cashing out to get my investment back. But ya don't know.

Ya, when the price pumped, my wallet worth was around 1 BTC. I did not have enough liquid to sell at that price. Now look at the price it is 23 cents and it is so embarrassing. 😀

So glad to see this! Been only a few months and the Hive fever is catching up. You are rocking!

Yes, this month has been a great one in terms of power-up. I guess most of it should be an income from selling Steem. But ya for most of the people, their wealth doubled.

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Thanks for the comments. Ya I will check out your project. 🙂

I resteeemd and upvoted, because this is very much reminding me of the EARLy days of steem... the GOOD days... and i feel like we can get Hive to see $8 steem ATH, and people will realize we can take steems marketcap

This will show people that its possible to take over all dan larimers projects, especially EOS, which Telos will over take i believe

Anyway your daily posts, automated and original, both have important stats we need, and the data you give us reminds me of @penguinpablo :)

soon we will get @telokanda nitrous to become like the YMCA summer camp of crypto where people come to learn crypto over the summer :D and we will have REAL serious promos over twitter and discord for telokandas using tipit campaigns

TELOS dapp for telokanda will be one of MANy ways we stand out from other nitrous SCOT hive engine tribes.... like LEO or NEOXIAN, both of which i intend to eventually support on telokanda to help gather new users from both of those communities for an African focused group they can spearhead , so if telokanda wins so does LEO , neoxian, and all hive engine tokens as theyll get teh attention we will bring .... Im so excited to see hive copy telos and do 1 to 2 million free account pools .... million sof new users without us having to woprry about paying for account,s now that will be a huge incentive to start a community here

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Thanks for the comments and continuous support @ackza. I also wish the price of Hive hits 8$ some day.

maybe you can teach @telokanda users the skills of ading your brave ad on your post? I used to just use https://dclick.io but am unaware of their current suituation. hery @dclick are you out there? :D

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Ya sure. It is pretty simple. I will try to make another post with those details. 😀