My first BLURT token trade

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A few weeks back Blurt blockchain was launched. It was yet another fork like Hive from Steem Blockchain. It was a blockchain that started with a motive of not having any downvote option. Many people were against that and some groups of people still believe that it is a good move to bring more confidence without any abuse.

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I have to admit that I'm able to see many abusers and scammers now very active on BLURT. Good for them because there is no proper mechanism now to control abuse there. Even during the first day of launch, the created section was spammed with NSFW every 6 minutes and there was no option to control that from happening. I guess it would still be the same case on Steem as well as Hive I believe. If someone decides to spam with NSFW content, it is hard to stop them. I'm not going to go into any more details on that just to respect people who have a good belief in BLURT. Let's see how this goes.

Like many people, I also got some BLURT tokens. I did have a few Steem on the snapshot date and that helped me get some BLURT tokens. There was a snapshot date and everyone got BLURT tokens airdropped based on their Steem tokens on that particular date. I had a total of around 3700 BLURT tokens and it would give me around 50$ if I dump them completely. As I'm not going to be using the BLURT platform for my posting, I thought it would be good to trade them in exchange for other tokens.


I initially tried transferring my BLURT from the wallet to Ionomy but the transfer was giving me RPC errors continuously. I couldn't do it straightforward with the user interface. Today after almost two to 3 weeks, I finally transferred the BLURT tokens to my Hive-Engine wallet with the help of instructions I found here. I did not dump the tokens for the market price but instead placed a sell order. I hope it gets filled anytime soon.

What are you going to do with your BLURT tokens and what are your thoughts about BLURT and it's future?

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There has been discussion in the Man Cave about Blurt @bala41288. It appears some will be bought, in support of key Man Cave supporters, who are also Blurt witnesses.

Like you, I am powering down and selling mine, although in no hurry. We'll see what the ultimate price becomes once the initial 13-week power-down period is complete.

I wish you well getting your $0.08 asking price!


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Thank you so much for your wishes. I wish I was part of those discussions on Man Cave server. I find it hard to keep up with the chats.

Yes, we have to see the actual price only after 13 weeks are over. I did not have enough hope, to be honest, but recently I have been hearing lots of good feedback about the community. If the improvements are rapid and if things go really well, I might invest back again in the future.

My sell order got filled at 0.07 HIVE but I can see that the price is still declining. 🙂

I wonder if I’ve got any blurt stake there. What’s the website? I haven’t been keeping up with it much, it doesn’t sound like a valuable project but I wish them well.

Ya even I'm not very positive about their success unless they come up with a super duper idea. You can use the below link. It directs to my wallet, please change the name in the URL to your's.