When You Ask Yourself - Am I Going In The Right Direction?

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Have you ever asked yourself if the direction you're going is right? Have you ever wondered how it would be like to do something different for a living? I'm sure you have - you're in crypto! It couldn't be otherwise. There had to be a point in your life where you said to yourself - that's it, fuck these banking schemes and the non-stop spending of money to buy things you don't need.


If you've somehow found yourself here on Leo/Hive or any other front-end of this beautiful blockchain, in my opinion, you're going the right way! This is the future of the Web and the decentralization movement. It's how we take our powers back from the big corporations and business typhoons. With small steps in the right direction. By giving people something for their time and effort that they've put it.

Right now, the world is pretty unstable with the pandemic, racism, elections and other shit they've been putting on our plate and making us eat. It has been happening for so long that most of us can't tell a difference between what's a lie and what's truth. It's all there to divide us when we could be living in peace.

Have you heard about the Ants in a Jar experiment? It's about putting red fire ants together with large black ants in the same jar and see what will happen. What happens is that nothing will happen and ants won't mind each other. BUT - once you shake the jar and put it back, they will start fighting each other off until the very last one.

It's similar to what mass media are doing. It's what the big players are doing. They're dividing us by shaking the jar. Racism, democrats, republicans, conservatives, gays, conspiracy theorists, and so on... Nobody cares until you mark something as bad and repeat it day after day after day after day.

It's like Goebels said:

"Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of sheep"

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I think of crypto as a tool to escape the mainstream narrative. I stopped watching TV a long time ago. I don't even have one in my flat. It's a distraction that only leads you to fear and misunderstanding. Why would you watch a random TV show or news when you can turn on anything you want online? Perhaps many people don't know what they want and it's easier to just turn on your television, sit back, sip beer, and chill.

Yes, you can do it - it's your choice and your habits. If you're financially stable, maybe you have some time to sit back but @bagofincome is only at the beginning of his only journey so there's no time for distractions. It's time to practice, learn, and grow, at the same time, filling my crypto bags. The banking system as we know it is coming to an end. On which side will you be when the crash comes? If you're here, you're still a pretty early bird. You can still manage to load your bags full of LEO or any other mind that's interesting to you.

Remember - do your own research. It's vital in any area of life. Whether you're buying your food in a magazine or a cryptocurrency online, you have to check the content of both, your food and your future holdings. You gotta make sure there are more things inside that will improve the wellness of your body and mind than there are the chemicals are slowly killing you (or the project you're getting in).

All in all, I'm happy you're here. You're a part of the future that's bigger than any of us can imagine!

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Great read.

There had to be a point in your life where you said to yourself - that's it, fuck these banking schemes and the non-stop spending of money to buy things you don't need.

Personally, that has actually not happened. The reason for me to be in this "crypto-world" for starters is actually because I used to work as a freelancer and I sort of accidentally joined Steem to earn something extra. If that extra money came in form of crypto or in pure cash didn't matter much to me.. Nowadays though, I'm around for other reasons.

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I guess everyone's journey is a little bit different. That's the beauty of it - even though our differences, we can cooperate and make a place great for everybody. Don't know if I'm making sense but I do know that earning crypto feels amazing!

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Crypto is fun. Let's keep it at that. ;)

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Great post and I completely agree with you... From the beginning to an end!

Right now, the world is pretty unstable with the pandemic, racism, elections and other shit they've been putting on our plate and making us eat.

And most of the people eat it... The problem with all that is that they will eat that until the moment when they recognize that there is no REAL food on the table... Usually, that's too late, but I hope that it will not be...

Great to see you posting in CTPTalk, and I hope that I will see more of your posts here... It's refreshing to see new faces with new views... ;)

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First of all, I'm grateful for the upvote and support. It's a warm welcome that makes you stay!

Secondly, I'm happy we think alike. Hopefully, more people will open their eyes to what's really happening (not that I know what's happening, I just know we're not being told the truth).

Together we can get more people to join the decentralization movement and I think we're going in the right direction. How many? Only time will tell.

Thank you once more and have a great day!

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Wow! I love this. You just mirrored pretty much everything I feel lolol.

I am very much of a critical thinker (and freedom seeker) & it pains me to see people follow stuff blindly, feeding into the nonsense mainstream media. All it does is pump the fear & create even more division; basically distractions for what's really going on ;)

Yes, crypto is definitely our present & future. I am not a real expert but I have been learning quite a bit for the past couple of years of being on the blockchain. It really makes sense since the value of the USD has dropped over a long period of time. So, now is the time to learn about this stuff, accumulate & move forward....

Thank you for this awesome post. Like @ph1102, I hope to see more of your content. It's refreshing to see & nice to know there are others out there that have a similar perspective :) Blessings!🧡🧚🏼‍♀️🙌

Thank you for your amazing comment and wishes! I will certainly stick around!

And it is nice meeting you! It's great to find people that you can relate to.


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Thanks for the vote! 🌞

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Welcome to the future my friend and welcome as well to the CTP Swarm Community!
It is always good to have new faces but with similar mindsets!
What you point out very good facts!
Thankfully my TV is set only on cartoons because of my toddler ahaha
And I don't mind it at all especially now...
Thank you for your post and looking forward to reading the next one :)

Thanks for the warm welcome! Meeting new faces is incredible!

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Your title caught my attention as I ask myself the same question. What an enlightening read. :)


Thank you for coming here! Have a lovely day!

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Well said, and I especially like how you made that analogy with the ants to how the propaganda today works to divide everyone against each other, crypto and decentralization can be a tool to unify if used right, thanks for sharing.

I read about it somewhere and immieditaly thought it's relatable to what's going on.

Thank you for leaving a comment. I also believe that together we can achieve many great things!

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I think this is a very interesting topic. I think that sometimes we get so used to doing things, we forget we have options. Like we're programmed that this is what we're supposed to do so we do the same thing over and over even though we can't see it's what is holding us back. Like if we make other choices, perhaps we'd see better results. It's not easy to "reprogram" your life but when you start to break away little things and make difference choices, it's so liberating!

Great post!👍